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April 2012



A Sacrifice to All the Wrong Gods

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There is a certain weight around which I feel most comfortable and confident, and I was about seven pounds beyond it when I went to speak at the Killer Tribes Conference a few weeks ago. I was not thrilled about this fact. But people paid attention anyway. They even said I kicked ass, not that mine was too big.

And as I went on my only run of spring break (for which I had so optimistically packed five workout outfits), a few words about the lies I’m given to believe came to mind, and I’m sharing them at A Deeper Story today.

Please visit A Deeper Story to read today’s post and then come back here Friday for notes and pictures of my Killer Tribes session! (I look about seven pounds heavier than I’d like, but it’s mostly okay.)

  • alisewrite

    I just like you so much.

    Thank you.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamara

      And I, you. You are very welcome.

  • http://asoulswalk.wordpress.com asoulwalker

    Great piece.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamara

      Thank you.

  • http://www.tempolifecoaching.com Carrie @Tempo Life Coaching

    Beautifully done!!

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamara

      Thanks, Carrie, and for your comment at DS too!

  • http://talktodiana.wordpress.com dianasschwenk

    Love your poem on a deeper story as well! Women sure are hard on themselves, huh?

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamara

      *sigh* There’s no end to it. Maybe we can at least take breaks. 🙂

  • http://joycannis.wordpress.com Joy

    You are beautiful!
    Wonderful post.
    You always leave me feeling inspired and challenged.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamara

      Thanks, Joy. You are such an encouragement to me. Not to mention a true beauty yourself. xo

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