Tamara Out Loud



About Tamára Lunardo

Known for her disarming honesty and humor, Tamára is the editor of What a Woman Is Worth, a monthly contributor to DeeperStory.com, an award-winning, syndicated blogger, an essayist appearing in several anthologies, and a copywriter for a large, child-focused anti-hunger organization.

She holds a degree in English from the University of Florida, and her five kids, when they let her; she almost never holds her tongue.

About Tamára Out Loud

If any of the words in the following sentence offend you, consider turning back now: This blog sometimes gets all Jesus-y and shit.

Still here? Great—let’s talk! Tamára Out Loud began as a place to work out my thoughts on real life and real faith. And then it launched a book, and a literary agency contract, and the opportunity for even more books. (Whoa. I still can’t quite believe it.)

So now it’s still a place to work out my thoughts on real life and real faith, because that’s how you put together a book—you get out your words and see what stories they tell. So please read, share your thoughts, and enjoy with me the small stories that may just be books in the making.