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Like Flowers in Winter: A coming-out in faith


A story of death, growth, and birth, Like Flowers in Winter is a memoir in verse form. My journey to unlearn my own beliefs about sexuality, love, and relationship with God brought me through hell and back. Where I’ve landed is where I invite you to come just as you are — into the arms of God.

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What a Woman Is Worth


Am I loved? Am I visible? Am I good enough? Am I whole?

When little girls are neglected or abused, when teen girls are taunted or assaulted, when women are used or discriminated against, they cannot help but question their worth.

With her trademark vulnerability and candor, editor Tamára Lunardo weaves together the stories of 30 women in a poignant, challenging, and ultimately inspiring exploration of how women’s self-worth is shaped. Asking the deepest questions of every heart and making room for real answers, What a Woman is Worth is a bold effort to bring about greater awareness of how women and girls are wounded; to offer catharsis, comfort, and community; and to affirm the inestimable worth of all people.

-Civitas Press

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“A powerful, moving read, What a Woman is Worth brings together an all-star cast of today’s best storytellers to tackle some of the biggest, most complicated questions of the heart with unusual bravery and grace. The writing is sharp, funny, colorful, and raw, and the diversity of perspectives represented in this collection brings womanhood–in all its contradictions and shades–to life. It’s a celebration of what we all have in common, and it’s beautiful.” – Rachel Held Evans, author of A Year of Biblical Womanhood

“The question of our worth lies at the root of so many things that hold us back in shame, fear, or doubt. This book is a brave ‘I’ll go first,’ inspiring all who read it to take important steps forward into freedom.” – Kristen Howerton, Professor of Psychology, Vanguard University, and author of RageAgainsttheMinivan.com

What a Woman is Worth is a powerful collection of voices finding their home. Through words, these women link arms and make the powerful statement that our worth will be found in the whispering of our stories. The time for silence is over, and Lunardo does a beautiful job collecting and guiding these voices into song.” – Elora Ramirez, author of Every Shattered Thing

“A must-read for any parent concerned about how girls receive, internalize, and manifest the myriad subtle familial and societal messages about a woman’s worth.”  – Cymande Baxter-Rogers, ARNP

What a Woman is Worth is an engaging series of essays. Challenging, convicting, and artfully rendered, the collection of voices offers not only unique perspectives on what it is to be a woman but also how different women come to terms with defining womanhood — for themselves and for others. Sometimes humorous, often clever, this series is a tapestry of lived experience.” – Preston Yancey, author of Tables in the Wilderness: A Memoir of God Found, Lost, and Found Again (Zondervan)

“Powerful, compelling, and sometimes heartbreaking, What a Woman is Worthreminded me of the destructive narrative often force-fed to women in our culture. I came away with a renewed determination to help my wife and two daughters remember where their true value lies.” – Shawn Smucker, author of Refuse To Drown

Other Collected Works

I have had the privilege of contributing essays to each of these collaborative books:


letterstomeLetters to Me

A broken heart, a new job, an unexpected pregnancy, a confrontation, a win, a setback—not uncommon experiences when you’re between 18 and 30. But what if you could talk to yourself just when that was happening, in the light of everything since: what would you say?

With Letters to Me, you can listen in as artists, teachers, poets, consultants, bloggers, pastors, and activists from a wide range of backgrounds recall a significant event—and then speak to a younger version of themselves with compassion and wisdom about what it means, and how it mattered.



Not Afraid: Stories of Confronting Fear

Fear is a very real and powerful inhibiting experience for so many people. It keeps people locked in a state of static oppression, unable to live life. But what would happen if a group of people confronted their fear and chose to tell the story? The results would literally change their lives. And possibly yours.

In Not Afraid: Stories Of Living Confronting Fear, a courageous list of authors boldly sharing their stories of what it means to live daringly and with a sense of renewed purpose. You will find words of hope. You will find that it is possible to be Not Afraid.


Not Alone: Stories of Living With Depression

Depression is a very real experience for many people. The causes can be varied. Abuse. Chemical imbalances. Divorce. Rejection. There is no one reason that a person might suffer depression. However, one common theme is that it can leave the person feeling isolated and alone. Because of the stigma that is often associated with depression, people often remain silent about it, never knowing that the person next to them is going through the same thing or has experienced it in the past. Instead, they hide away, believing that no one understands, believing that no one cares.

In this book, the authors break the silence, boldly sharing their stories of depression. Whether sharing how they first discovered that what they were feeling was depression, telling how they sought help for their depression or giving words of hope that depression can be managed, the authors all tackle the lie that you must suffer in solitude. With courage and honesty, these stories give a glimpse into the depressed existence. While you will not find a cure for depression in these pages, you will find a sense of community. You will find words of hope. You will find that you are Not Alone.

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