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June 2016



Come Find Your Story — My Writing Workshops at Wild Goose Festival 2016

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Wild Goose Festival – the annual 4-day spirit, justice, music, and arts gathering in the mountains of Hot Springs, NC – is less than 2 weeks away.

Wild Goose is an important pilgrimage for me because when I’m there, I’m with my people – the doubters, the seekers, the pot-stirrers, the peacemakers – and I can feel my spirit move. I found so much connection and healing at last year’s festival, and I hope that the workshops I’ll be offering this year will help others find the same.

I am thrilled to be a contributor for this year’s “Story” theme because storytelling is where my passion and expertise meet.  More than almost anything, I believe in the power of story. If you’ll be at Wild Goose this year, I’d be honored if you’d join me to begin finding yours.

Telling Your Truth: A Workshop for Writing in Any Genre

Everyone has a story they need to tell; everyone has a story they need to hear. Sharing our truth has the power to affect people, closing perceived distance and opening hearts. In this workshop, participants will uncover their most essential stories and discover how they can use writing of any kind to tell their truth.

First, we’ll expand our ideas of truth-telling by reading samples from authors of underrepresented backgrounds in various genres. Then with a contemplative writing prompt, participants will get to dig in and create. I will be available to work with anyone who’d like guidance during the session. After the workshop, participants who want to go deeper can sign up for one-on-one coaching.

Join us to find your story and share your truth. Someone needs to hear it—maybe even you.

Who I Really Am: Youth Writing Workshop

In this writing workshop, youth participants will use the familiar “What People Think I Do/What I Really Do” internet meme to examine others’ perceptions of them, and, through a guided contemplative exercise, they will work to discover who they really are. Using visual and written brainstorms, the youth will create a personal piece of writing that reflects their thoughts, conclusions, or questions about their identity.

Youth activities are geared to ages 13 and up. Adults, feel free to join us!

Be My Guest — Save 25% on Admission

Wild Goose Festival 2016 is July 7-12, but day passes are available if you can’t make the whole thing (my workshops are slated for Friday!). If you haven’t already purchased your ticket, be sure to use this code to get 25% off: BEMYGUEST

Will you be at the Goose? Let me know—I’d love to see you!

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