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November 2013



  • http://rantingalong.wordpress.com/ floridaborne

    He would probably rather have diarrhea than be crossed by Romans.

  • http://www.fbs.com/ Christina Asmuss

    But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.

  • http://thinkwritecreative.wordpress.com E.M. Anderson

    Just found your blog. One post in and I’m hooked on your honesty about faith. Dear God, is that refreshing. Thank you for being real. It’s an inspiration.

  • Russell

    I had thoughts like this about Jesus. I’m sure a lot of Christians do, but most won’t admit it. What may seem like a gross thought to others is actually very innocent, it’s a product of trying to imagine Jesus as a human being, which is exactly what he was! He probably even picked his nose when nobody was looking. He probably cut a fart every now and then too. Actually, he may have done a lot of that just because it was funny. Imagine being GOD living on earth in human form, you’d get a kick out of that too!

    Which brings me to my next thought, what all might have made Jesus laugh? If WE as humans have a sense of humor, then so does God. And if humor is a sign of intelligence, then Jesus would have been a comedian for sure!

  • Tatsuhiro Sato

    When I was tied up upon that Roman cross for several days as my diet was of course disturbed, naturally I wound up sustaining diarrhoea and fatigue. When as I was Grand Master of Essenes, some of my members caught wind that I was here tied up a few metres above ground. They did attempt to rescue me quietly down from that ordeal. But I was so embarrassed that I had inadvertently defecated on one or more of the very people who were trying their best (considering the circumstances) to get me down back on the ground! I am so sorry and embarrassed, but having no food for three days, that does give one a bad case of the nasty shits. If some of my faecal matter hit any of my rescuers, my sincere apologies! (gravity had actually done that not me)!

    Jeheshiwa (Jesus).

    This taking the role of first person says it all. Even anyone strung up suspended such as was the Roman method of a slow capital punishment at that time, as the cross (which later that ancient symbol representing sentient life) had been stolen by the very institution that supposedly worships him as some god) of course one would very well wind up with diarrhoea.

    How does one ‘go to the toilet’ strung up upon a cross off the ground? Logic states that well… figure it out for yourself! You would simply have to go right there bound up in the air! (I can imagine just how smelly these prison yards with crosses were with all the faecal matter from the prisoners must have been)! Well I can only assume that these members of the Essenes were bright enough to understand, and therefore expect this sort of problem, and overlooked it. The most important thing was not the Great Master defecating upon himself and below uncontrollably with his diarrhoea shit, but GETTING HIM DOWN FROM THAT AWFUL CROSS IN THE FIRST PLACE AND BECOMING FREED!

    (BTW, unlike many of the other prisoners, these members saved his life and of course he really did not actually die a physical death per se upon that most uncomfortable situation! It was winter and a stormy night which offered great cover and placed however weak he actually was (as of course he was NEAR death) into a cart, covered, and brought to a hilly area which is today the major mountain (hill) הר הכרמל (Mt. Carmel) in Haifa, Israel to his monastery. This incident ended his career of public ministry and he thus had retired at this monastery teaching only within to his close membership. This continued until his NATURAL Transition (death) sometime in his 80’s. (It was the Church some four centuries later who concocted this fable of him dying upon that cross as some allegory explanation of selflessness or the like).

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