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August 2010



Grace As We Know It

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My parents and I were talking after dinner– the kids were all in bed, the chaos of the day tucked away with them, and we were enjoying full glasses of wine and each other. My mom mentioned a line she had read about God never blessing us beyond our current disobedience, and my dad and I were astounded. We said that that didn’t sound like the God we knew, and she agreed.

The three of us have each met God in different ways, but we were all there to witness when He took my disobedience and out-graced it beyond imagination. I was 19, in love and out of control; I knew His desires for me and I didn’t care because I was too busy chasing my own. And we saw it firsthand, how God did not withhold grace but lavished it. He took my sin and turned it into literal life– a baby boy, exquisitely beautiful, perfectly healthy, and brimming with intelligence. We knew that line to be untrue because we were there and we saw grace overflow.

Grace as we know it cannot be restrained by disobedience– it is too big and wild and free. And it terrifies me to think that there is teaching in the world that would say to anyone, “God cannot meet you here.” God’s grace isn’t just for people who are cleaned up and ready.

God’s grace is for the Thai women who shoot ping pong balls out of their vaginas for $6 a day, and it is for the white businessmen who screw them before they fly back to their air conditioned offices, and it is for the college girls who mock them while getting wasted on cheap rum. God’s grace is for the men desperately in love with other men, and it is for the voters who fight to keep them unmarried, and it is for the couples who destroy the sanctity of marriage with infidelity. God’s grace is for the murderers who kill 7-year-old girls on their way to school, and it is for the grief-stricken mothers addicted to pain pills that will never relieve real pain, and it is for the judges who repay death with penalty of death.

Grace as we know it is for the people who have read that last paragraph and caught a glimpse of themselves, and it is for the people who have read that last paragraph and found a person or two for whom they have no grace to extend, and it is for the people who have read that last paragraph and felt angry with me for nine different reasons. God is not limited by our limitations, and so His grace cannot be shackled by our failures, or defects, or disobedience.  Grace as we know it can turn sin into life.

  • Carey

    So true, so true! One need look no further than the story of David in the bible for example after example of God’s grace. David was an adulterer and a murderer, yet because he asked for forgiveness, he was given the full power of God’s grace and favor. I love those stories because if David can be saved, there’s still hope for me, too!

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      I love David. He makes me look so awesome and gives me hope ’cause I’m not.

  • JaGo

    Just when I needed it. Your way with words never ceases to amaze me! Looking forward to seeing you once this crazy summer ends and life returns to normal.

  • http://www.domesticadventure.blogspot.com Catherine

    Your post made me thankful, yet once again, for God’s grace that is beyond amazing. Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Loved it. Thank goodness he meets us where we are with the needed grace. Your personal example is one I’ve seen over and over again.

  • Mom

    Your fourth paragraph is powerful because it is so true… God’s grace is overwhelmingly amazing… and that is why He is to be outrageously praised.

  • Liz

    I love your writing, Tamara! I can always relate to it as a mom and a mom trying to have faith in this crazy world. I see the grace for all those people just not one. The thought of God’s grace encompassing anyone who could hurt a child…it’s just beyond me. Although, I know God will forgive those who ask. I just hope there is some kind of exception clause for them.

  • http://buddybagwell@blogspot.com B Bagwell

    I think this may be my favorite TOL blog.

    There grace for the person who read the parable of, “The Pharisee and Tax Collector” and thought, “I’m glad I’m not like the pharisee.” I still have a scar where that one hit me between the eyes.

  • http://myprognosis.wordpress.com jesspurnama

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your faith out loud. Am inspired by you!

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  • Nik

    My daughter out of wedlock reminds me on a daily basis, that His Grace is sufficient. He gave me her name, Charis, which is Greek for Grace. I was 33 and should have known better, but neither age or circumstance or nature of sin, as you’ve outlined above – even the most horrific variety – is unworthy of the Grace that we’re all able to receive…abundantly. I’m eternally gratefully. Every day that I look into the eyes of my daughter, I’m reminded of the One who saved me.

  • rainer

    “God’s grace is for the men desperately in love with other men”

    as someone who is gay, and knows that this is the way that God created me, i find the above sentence as silly and lacking in insight as the sentence, ” God’s grace is for the men desperately in love with women”

    being gay has nothing to do with “sin’. the only sin there is people putting ignorance, fear and hatred above love for their fellow humans. placing the sentence within the same paragraph as people who have had their consent pushed aside for lust, greed, power- basically one persons will over another, is assuming gay love is abhorrent and without the SAME love, respect, admiration, gentleness that i assume is within your marriage.

    humans created in the image of God has nothing to do with our physical embodiment. for that to is as transitional and fleeting as the seasons. God’s image is love, forgiveness, compassion and understanding- traits that are steady and eternal- and exist within each of us regardless of what sex we are, and who we KNOW are our life partners.

    there is enough hatred and physical/sexual violence of the straight worlds towards those who were BORN gay. do not use your voice to add to our screams of anguish for our brothers and sisters in parts of the world where being gay is an open sentence for straight men to torture, rape and murder.

    we were born this way, and since God is infallible and omnipotent in his/her/its power, then our place in this world is as legitimate and as wanted by God as yours.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      That line was included because I realize that some of my readers believe such a love is a sin, and I wanted to make the point that if it were, there would be grace to cover it. Grief-stricken mothers were also included in that paragraph; that doesn’t assume their love is abhorrent.

  • Bryan

    Don’t know how I missed this post, but either I did, or I didn’t read it closely enough. Either way, I really enjoyed it this time around.

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  • http://graceformymess.wordpress.com Jana

    Perfectly said. Grace is for us all; otherwise, it can’t be grace.

  • http://communicatingacrossboundaries.wordpress.com Marilyn

    I am in tears as I read this. I wasn’t blogging or reading many blogs when you wrote this, but truth can’t be bound by time. Thank you

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