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March 2015



Here Come the Brides! How My Wedding Ring Found Me

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This is the fifth post in the “Here Come the Brides!” series, following my adventures with Casey to the aisle. Here’s what’s happened so far:

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Today’s post is the story of how my wedding ring found me.

On our way back home from Casey’s 30th birthday trip, we were riding high on the joy of our (first) engagement. We had both known for a while that our future was together, but the silver and sapphire band on her left hand was the first official marker, and it gleamed with promise.

She had already been casually browsing online for a vintage diamond setting on platinum—my dream wedding ring. So we decided to browse an estate jeweler before returning from the trip just to get some more ideas, and I tried on a few lovely rings for fun. They were diamond, they were platinum, they were vintage—but they were someone else’s rings.

And then the saleswoman offered one more. I was standing toward the front of the store, facing out to the mall, unsuspecting. I slipped it on, and I will never forget that exact moment or place because it was the moment that ring, crafted forty years before I ever took a breath, finally found me right where I was. What had been a beautiful ring under the glass was a soul experience on my finger. My breath caught and my tears sprung from such a deep place that they caught me completely off-guard.

Casey and the saleswoman saw it too. “That’s your ring,” they said. But how could it be? We were just there to look. Casey hadn’t planned to make such a huge purchase. Why was I feeling so strongly? It was just a ring. This was crazy. I needed time to think.

Photo credit: Sarah & Ben Photography

I’m not going to show you our wedding rings til the Big Day, but here’s us looking vintage-y in a vintage rose garden.

We went to lunch to think about it with some distance, and with food to settle and drink to calm. If it was really the ring, it would still be the ring after an hour of chill-the-hell-out. But just like we each knew from the first moments that the other was the one, we recognized this ring.

A day after I asked her to be my family, Casey bought my wedding ring.

A few weeks later, I went to the same jeweler and bought the perfect companion ring for her: a vintage diamond setting on platinum from the very same era. Smaller, less ornate, more like Casey, just right.

Now they sit side-by-side in safety, waiting for the day they, and we, become the perfect companions for life.

Stay tuned for more of our journey in the “Here Come the Brides!” series…

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