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May 2014



Into the Timeless

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We have time, but only a little

(Or does the time have us?)

Before we move into the timeless,

Which has always moved in us.

And in the moment of that meeting

Of our past and our always,

Perhaps we’ll find our past is present

And that our time, it never was.



I happened to write this late last night, not sure it really needed posting, and then this morning learned of the passing of Maya Angelou. She was an inspiration of spirit and verse to me, so I offer this as an impromptu and imperfect tribute. May she delight evermore in the evermore.

  • Julie


  • http://intelligentanderuditejew.blogspot.co.uk/ Hannah

    Hi Tamara,

    Thanks for sharing this poem & RIP Maya Angelou.

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