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June 2011



It’s All You: My 100th-ish Post

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Today marks my 100th-ish post.*

As such, I decided the absolute most boringly indulgent thing I could do to celebrate it would be to write 100 things about myself (I’m not kidding– that’s really a “thing”). But with a blog already dedicated to my own thoughts, that’s just way too much of me, even for me.

So today it’s all you.

You’re the reason I get to tell my stories. Without you, I’m just a crazy person talking to herself and nodding in earnest agreement. And even though with you here I’m still crazy, your presence means I get to do what I love and send it out into the world. And that means more to me than I can possibly express in a post-that’s-supposed-to-be-light-but-is-verging-on-ridiculously-sappy.

So let me thank you.

When I’m not busy slinging profanities or making suggestive plays-on-words, I try to be a lady, so I don’t show my numbers to other bloggers; I really don’t know how I stack up. But I know that my audience has grown more in a year than I ever would have hoped or expected, so for whatever that might be worth, I want to offer it to you.

On this 100th-ish post, please take the space in the comments to tell us about yourself.

Tell us who you are, but also, tell us about your blog, your website, your pet project, your company, your charity, or your dream. Whatever it is you want to promote, link it up here. I don’t care if this is your first visit– I want you to share shamelessly.

I only ask one thing (but I mean it).

Pick at least one other person’s link to check out. And if you can, let them know you stopped by.

Thanks for helping me get to 100th-ish. Now go have fun!

*When you do a bunch of super boring math, subtracting the posts that were more like announcements and less like actual writing, you get numbers that end in “-ish.” Or at least I do.

  • http://www.becominglast.com Matt

    Just found your blog a month ago. Really enjoy it. My dream and charity is actually combined right now. I’m helping try to raise $1 Million for charity:water in the month of June. I know, it’s crazy. But crazy sometimes happen. I want kids to get clean water. My site is becominglast.com or if you just feel compelled immediately to donate you can go to http://www.mycharitywater.org/onemillion. Sorry, I’ve rambled. Just excited.

    I’ll try to comment more so I’m not creepy, stalker reader guy.

  • http://www.tonyjalicea.com Tony Alicea

    You don’t just give good blog, you give good promotion. Congratulations-ish on your 100th-ish post!

    Now everyone go check out my site: http://www.tonyjalicea.com

  • http://windowsandpaperwalls.wordpress.com Windows and Paper Walls

    Aw, you’re doing a “pimp yourself” post? Giving it back to the masses!

    I’m so happy for your success. I knew you were a big thing when I found you…you’ve got the chops. XOXO

    If any of your readers like theoretical physics or social oddities or space geekery (sadly, not kidding), or if they like listening to someone positively SWOON over great writing, they can stop by my home at http://windowsandpaperwalls.wordpress.com/

    Love you!

  • http://www.somuchshoutingsomuchlaughter.com suzannah {so much shouting, so much laughter}

    i’d actually read your list of 100 Things. because it wouldn’t suck:) also, i’m surprised it’s only been 100. you seem like you’ve been doing this a while (in a good, established way.)

    i recently celebrated 500 posts writing about faith, poetry, justice, chickens, what-have-you.

  • http://drgtjustwondering.blogspot.com Diana Trautwein

    Congrats on the milestone – and thanks for the good reads the last few months. I’m WAY out of your demographic – a grandmother to 8, recently retired pastor who writes about life and faith and grandkids and occasionally theology.

    And I think I might choose ‘advert’ or ‘public relations’ rather than ‘pimping myself’ as another reader has done – but I’m SURE that’s a generational thing. :>)

    And I’d probably read at least 50 of your 100 things if you ever decide to do that – I read a lot of stuff and yours is bound to be way more fun and interesting than most. So thanks for the post and thanks for the invite. Here’s to at least 100 more.

  • http://mairedubhtx.wordpress.com mairedubhtx

    Congratulations! And I, too, am not even close to your age. I’m a grandmother of twin 15 year old granddaughters who provide me with great material to write about. I blog about my life. I love to read, especially mysteries and do mosaics. I sometimes write to the Word Press prompts so you’ll see my thoughts on these strange topics.
    I love your blog. Good luck in the future.

  • http://www.alise-write.com Alise

    I admit, I did the 100 things post, but that was like 5 years ago and there were like 3 readers at my blog, so I’m going to forgive my narcissism and move on.

    Folks can click my name if they want to read my blog, but rather than pimp me here, I want to pimp my most favorite charity ever, Nuru International. Basically they teach those in extreme poverty better sanitation, better farming techniques and help with basic needs like water. The communities pay back what they receive and the recovery rate is at 98%, which is just PHENOMENAL. Communities are seeing a 300% increase in the yield of their crops. Which means people can afford to send their kids to school, so they are in a better position to help their communities as well. Plus, I know a lot of the folks who are involved with Nuru, so they mean a lot to me on a personal level.

    I could write about what Nuru for pages, but they do need money to continue their work. Because June is my birthday month, I’m asking folks to donate to Nuru as a gift to me. If anyone is interested, you can check out this link and give what you can. It would mean a lot to me, but even more, it would mean a lot to them.

    Happy 100 posts Tamara! You’re teh awesum.

    • http://wendisnuttylife.blogspot.com/ Wendi

      Nuru huh? That’s really amazing. I love organizations that help people help themselves. It’s teaching one of the most important lessons to learn: invest in yourself and your community and you will care for it more and want it to be successful. It’s like a subconscious thing, we can’t help but treat ourselves better if we’re invested in what we’re doing.

      I’ll definitely check Nuru out. It reminds me of a community being rebuilt in New Orleans where the people are being taught construction. The people of the community are working with construction companies to build their new homes and apartments. They say before Hurricane Katrina the community was crime ridden. But since they started working together and actually getting their hands in the mix and rebuilding their community crime has dropped significantly. It’s amazing.

      • http://www.alise-write.com Alise

        Truth. This is why I absolutely adore Nuru. I have no problem with handouts for people who genuinely need them, but this is so much more sustainable. And the impact is so profound. I love this video from Nuru’s founder Jake. When you have a soldier saying that the way to end terrorism is to end extreme poverty, I think that’s worth a listen. The link between poverty and despair and violence is so evident. I’m thrilled to see people combating violence with non-violence.

        Really, I get all weepy even just writing about these guys. I just LOVE what they do.

  • http://seekingpastor.wordpress.com seekingpastor

    Happy 100-ish! My blog is the best one I know of written by a 6’7” bivocational pastor with 5 kids, 1 wife, 3 goats, 2 sheep, 2 ducks, 2 rabbits, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a chicken: http://seekingpastor.wordpress.com

  • http://www.JanetOber.com JanetOber

    Congrats on reaching 100ish!

    I want to be like you when I grow up … love your honesty!
    Except I just remembered I’m trying to stop comparing myself to others … so I want to be an honest me when I grow up.

    After almost losing a leg and almost dying in an accident … I share hope (and/or try to figure myself and life out) through … living, speaking and writing at http://www.JanetOberholtzer.com

  • http://agapeguitars.wordpress.com agapeguitars

    Shameless promotion?! How nice of you. 🙂
    First, thanks for blogging. Been reading you quite a bit lately. Your blog makes me happy, without regard to the current color of the sky.
    About me…I’m a professional musician. I play, teach, and build guitars and basses. Right now, the teaching is at the forefront of the three, but I’d like the building to come more to the forefront. I do custom and standard builds of electric guitars and basses. I think being a formally trained pro musician gives me the experience necessary to make a great-sounding and -playing instrument. My clients tend to agree, luckily. 🙂 I think clicking on my name leads to my site, but if it doesn’t: http://www.agapeguitars.com
    Thanks, Tamara! You’re a peach. 🙂

    • http://www.alise-write.com Alise

      Pick this one as your mandatory link to visit – totally worth it, I promise.

      And for more back-story on the post that went up yesterday, I recommend checking out this one from a few months back: http://agapeguitars.com/2010/08/10/alecs-revelator/

  • http://mattshedd@yahoo.com Matt S

    Congratulationsish! You are a great writer that I just recently discovered!

    Unlike the grandma’s of earlier comment, I am a 25 year old youth minister who hates being labeled as a youth minister. I minister to people. I write about my thoughts, my childhood, how God breaks into my life in ways unexpected, and sometimes I post music I like. I’m new to the blogging world, but I find it a great way to talk to myself without being judged! mattshedd.blogspot.com

  • http://www.thechurchofnopeople.com Matt @ The Church of No People

    Congrats, Tamara! I love how your disdain of pimping yourself too much, but you’ll gladly make your readers pimp themselves. 🙂 Anyway, I’m glad I discovered your blog a couple of months ago.

    Let’s see. I’m a teacher and a pastor in the Midwest, and I blog at http://TheChurchOfNoPeople.com It’s all about Christian culture, with some American culture and current events tossed in. I’ve been at it for about 2 1/2 years.

    • http://rawfaithrealworld.wordpress.com/ Linda B.

      I love Matt’s blog… he makes me laugh and makes me think… a winning combination.

  • http://www.tonyjalicea.com Tony Alicea

    Not only do you give good blog, but you give good promo. Congrats-ish on post 100ish.

    Now everyone read the best site you’ve never heard of:


  • http://www.pamperedchef.biz/gatorgirl Sara

    <3 your blog, it's a smile that goes well with my morning coffee (that you often make me spit out across my screen!)

  • http://www.pamperedchef.biz/gatorgirl Sara

    it didn’t post my website! http://www.pamperedchef.biz/gatorgirl

  • http://www.joyinthisjourney.com Joy

    Hahahah to Matt @ The Church of No People!

    I’m the mother of four (so you have me beat in the child dept based purely on numbers), two of whom were born with congenital heart defects. I started my blog just to keep people up to date on our lives, as our oldest had significant special needs secondary to her heart problems (a brain injury caused cerebral palsy, seizures, breathing and swallowing difficulties, and thus she needed lots of equipment like wheelchairs, standers, feeding tubes and more) and was in and out of the hospital frequently. She passed away in the fall of 2008, and my blog took a 90-degree turn as I worked through the grief and the depression, and the questions that kind of life can raise about one’s faith.

    Today, it’s extremely important to me to help people talk honestly and openly about depression, grief, and doubt about faith… about real life with all it’s pain and brokenness, instead of pretending it’s all victory and peaches and beautiful sunsets. My blog is Joy In This Journey.

    Since most of the time, my content is serious, I LOVE reading your hilariousness here. And tweeting with you. And maybe someday, I’ll be lucky enough to hang out with you in person. 🙂

    I also have a little freelance writing business I’m getting off the ground,
    Words by JB. Having my own writing business has always been a dream. I’m hoping it will allow me to work from home and go to my kids’ classrooms at school, help pay our bills, and finally have enough extra to help some people out. *sigh* (Making poor money decisions and paying medical bills is kind of sucky! Of course, having healthy kids is not sucky, so we pay.)

    • http://www.joyinthisjourney.com Joy

      I guess it’s apropos that on your 100ish post my comment was labeled spammish.

  • http://www.samaritanspurse.org Bret

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog ~ thanks for taking the time to share your life and wit with us. Appreciate it!

    I don’t blog so no shameless self-promotion here, but I am posting the link to one of my favorite groups, Samaritan’s Purse, which was founded by Franklin Graham. I’ve worked with this group through Katrina Relief in Ocean Springs, MS, tornado re-building in Greensburg, KS and flood relief right here at home in the Cedar Valley of Iowa in 2008.
    They have a network of local churches which both host and send volunteers to disasters. They provide not only physical muscle, but spiritual support to those who have been impacted. They were one of the first on the scene in Joplin, MO.
    They work both nationally and internationally ~ check them out, and show them some love!


  • http://www.mustardseedyear.com Jason

    Happy 100-ish! 🙂 I look forward to the next 100-ish. 🙂

  • http://asalinguist.wordpress.com limr

    Though I started my blog two years ago, it’s only been a few months that I’ve been paying real attention to it but also to other blogs. A lot of the good blogs I read came from reading and commenting over at educlaytion.com – that Clay sure does bring people together! (Congrats on making it to the MMM Final Four!). I finally came over here when the semester ended and I had more time for my “Check out these blogs…” list. I’m glad I did. It’s fun over here 🙂 Plus, you’re a Gator and that just seals it.

    I teach English Lit and writing at a community college. I taught ESL for many years and my background is in Linguistics and Deaf Education. I’m a smorgasborg of language-related topics and so is my blog, As a Linguist (http://asalinguist.wordpress.com). I’ll write about anything related to language, linguistics, or literature.

    I’m looking forward to checking out my required one blog – and who am I kidding, I’ll be clicking links left and right! 😉

  • http://wendisnuttylife.blogspot.com/ Wendi

    I first found you when you blogged about Terry Jones, http://tamaraoutloud.com/2010/09/08/a-prayer-for-terry-jones/. It was a really great post and I was hooked.

    I feel like you’re really one of the most honest Christian bloggers out there. Life is not all shiny happy photos of perfect children playing in your ginormous back yard with all organic grass and play things. I really appreciate that your posts are real.

    I love that you’re a Christian that is honest about her faith. That your life isn’t easy a pie, that you struggle with your faith periodically.

    It’s like your Every Person. You share with us the good, the bad and the goofy. We all need a good dose of that. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us.

    I have a blog, but at the moment it’s been slow posting because of my job (deal with grad admissions at a large Florida university) and some depression. I’m actually writing a post inspired by something you wrote a couple of blog posts back. Something I’ve been struggling with for some time – not my faith in Christ, but my struggle to find a church home and be spiritually nourished.

    Anyway if anybody’s interested they can click on my name and check it out or go to http://wendisnuttylife.blogspot.com.

    My favorite charity…well, I don’t have a specific one I support; however, I am really involved in supporting animal

  • http://ironicmom.wordpress.com Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom)

    Happy 100th, my friend. And to think I’ve only known you for the past 15 or so!

    I’m going to direct readers to my latest project, a collaboration with one of the most hilarious men I’ve never met, Chase McFadden. We started StuffKidsWrite.com last month. Our motto is, “Like Stuff Adults Write. But Funnier.”

    We’re always looking for submissions of the (often unintentionally) hilarious writing that kids do. Feel free to check it out: http:\stuffkidswrite.com

    And congrats ta-MAH-ra…

  • http://ironicmom.wordpress.com Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom)
  • http://homekettle.wordpress.com thescreamingkettle

    My name is David Nilsen, and I am a writer, used book dealer, husband, parent and crappy gardener. I blog at http://homekettle.wordpress.com , mostly about parenting, marriage, faith, adoption, and humiliating pictures from my childhood.

    • http://windowsandpaperwalls.wordpress.com Windows and Paper Walls

      Just checked this one out…triple-love!

  • http://midwestmomments.blogspot.com/ NotJustAnotherJennifer

    What a great idea! I am Jennifer, a midwest working mom who loves to read, write, play volleyball and scrapbook. I blog at http://midwestmomments.blogspot.com/ about our family, the struggles and the triumphs, the good and the bad, as well as some creative writing and graphic design. I love chatting it up on Twitter, too – you can find me @MidwestMomments.

  • http://philangelus.wordpress.com philangelus

    Happy 100!

    I’m a writer and a mom who happens to talk to angels, and at http://philangelus.wordpress.com I blog about the insanity that results when you toss those three factors together into a blender and hit “frappe.” I have two books in print and one out of print, plus I link to my online stories in the sidebar.


  • http://coexistdocumentary.org Adam

    Wow Tamara! I am so proud of you and impressed with 100ish! I don’t know how you do it.

    SHAMELESS PLUG: Check out my documentary Coexist, an exploration of reconciliation, forgiveness, revenge and remorse in Rwanda after the genocide. We work to engage young people in conversations about conflict in their own lives to prevent violence and make bullying socially unacceptable in schools, workplaces, and everywhere!
    –endshamelessplugfor coexistdocumentary.org–

    • http://evo.dmlcorp.net DmL

      Hmm! Maybe I should check this out!! : )

  • http://www.perryperkinsbooks.com Perry P Perkins


    I’m Perry, from over at the Burnin’ Love BBQ blog. We talk about all kinds of foodie stuff like bbq, grilling, and outdoor cooking. Really whatever I feel like blathering about at any given moment.

    We’re currently supporting the American Cancer Society by donating 100% of the proceeds from all sales of our cookbook, “MEAT FIRE GOOD: A Pitmaster’s Guidebook”, to the Relay for Life.

    More on that at http://www.burninloveblog.com



  • http://www.mysinglemomlife.wordpress.com Nikki

    Happy 100th! 🙂

    I’m a multi-dimensional single mama who blogs about life and faith and the struggles and joys of working out the inner turmoil. I write from my heart and sometimes I’m even suprised by what dumps out. 🙂 (www.mysinglemomlife.wordpress.com)

    I’m also a single mama missionary who has a trip brewing…stay tuned for details VERY soon. (www.missionarymama.wordpress.com)

    And…a photographer 🙂 (www.nikkirosephotography.com)
    Become a fan! (www.facebook.com/nikkirosephotography)

    Thank you for allowing me the frivolous privilege of shameless self-promotion. 🙂

  • http://messiahmom.wordpress.com kristinherdy

    I’m Kristin, I write about Shakespeare, farts, singleness, my terrible marketing skills, how teaching college prepared me to teach preschool and more. http://www.messiahmom.wordpress.com

    I’m excited to start on a new project soon — called Pictures of Promise — I want to have safe kids make pictures of hope and promise to raise money to support and rescue kids in slavery around the world. If anyone is interested in helping with this, I’m a big picture person and not detail oriented, so, I could use your help!!

  • http://www.lifelovelibrarianship.com Elizabeth L.

    I’m Elizabeth and I write about my life, my cat, my house, food/cooking, and mostly whatever pops into my head. I’m random like that. 🙂

    I (this week) launched a new blog design and switched to WordPress. It’s a huge deal for me because my blog is small (but I have amazing readers) but it’s something I really wanted to do to help it grown and to make me happy.

    I would be delighted if you would stop by and check out my new design!


  • http://www.gterrellcotter.com/blog/ G. Terrell Cotter

    Introvert, raised by wolves. Write as a hobby, not ready for prime time. Bible blog because that is what interest me. Have been know to get into politics. Best work is probably my commentary on Ps 119 with a poem of my personal 119 experience. Speaking of pemping, I read several of your blogs and I really like them.

  • http://www.lifelovelibrarianship.com Elizabeth L.

    I’m Elizabeth, a blogger, a book lover, a baker, a lover of alliteration. Clearly. 🙂

    I’m also a librarian, a kitty mommy, and one of the more random people on Earth.

    My moment of shameless self-promotion: I launched my new blog design this week and I’m dying to collect opinions on it. And new readers. 🙂 So please stop by and say hi if you want!


  • http://brokentelegraph.com Tiffany

    I LOVE this idea. Currently I have roughly 30 tabs open with all of these wonderful blogs listed and am adding to (what my husband calls) my “hundreds” of blog subscriptions.

    I just found your blog (you were probably on post 98) through A Deeper Story and I absolutely love your writing (which I believe I already said in another post and don’t want to be the creepy “over complimenter” girl that you wish would just not make it awkward – so I’ll stop with just the one 😉 ).

    The blog I write for actually belongs to someone else. We blog together. It is called “The Broken Telegraph” http://brokentelegraph.com/
    We pretty much write about everything there – and our writing styles are completely different.
    I started writing there about a year and a half ago. Two years ago I would have told you I HATE writing. I found it boring and dumb (don’t hate – I’ve been reformed) . Now I find it to be the most amazing outlet.

    Okay – off to check out 30 more blogs.

  • http://forliberty.typepad.com Beth Yancey

    What a great idea, Tamara. Everybody has a story and I just love to read/hear them.

    My blog is all about freedom in Christ. Many would say setting up the boundaries Jesus teaches leads to following a bunch of outdated rules. I’ve found the opposite to be true. Boundaries lead to freedom and fun. No boundaries leads to bondage and guilt. I try not to preach, but from a teacher of 30 years it’s kinda hard. Let me know what you think. My most recent one is on gender confusion. (Light topic!!!)

    Beth @ http://www.forliberty.typepad.com

  • http://mooseinmyyard.blogspot.com/ Beth @ Moose In My Yard

    I’ve enjoyed your blog so much. I love the fact that you are a Christian and a *real* person at the same time. I can get my fix of humor and a little dose of inspiration in one spot. Here’s to a hundred (or two) more posts!

    I just have a tiny little blog about my experiences since moving to Alaska. Because it truly is not the same as everywhere else. Accept for sometimes. All those universal truths and whatnot. http://mooseinmyyard.blogspot.com/

  • http://mooseinmyyard.blogspot.com/ Beth @ Moose In My Yard

    I’ve enjoyed your blog so much. I love the fact that you are a Christian and a *real* person at the same time. I can get my fix of humor and a little dose of inspiration in one spot. Here’s to a hundred (or two) more posts!

    I just have a tiny little blog about my experiences since moving to Alaska. Because it truly is not the same as everywhere else. Except for sometimes. All those universal truths and whatnot. http://mooseinmyyard.blogspot.com/

  • http://movethemountains.blogspot.com ChadJ (randomlychad)

    Congrats on your “100th-ish!”

    I’m doing much the same on my blog today–giving folks a forum to give themselves a shout out.

    Come to RandomlyChad and check it out.

  • http://theviewfromherecr.blogspot.com Jeff

    I love your blog and I have a stupid little blog of my own if anyone wants to check it out. theviewfromherecr.blogspot.com. My wife and I are missionaries in Costa Rica and we are the parents to 3 boys, 2 dogs, some fish, lizards, snakes, birds, frogs, and whatever else they find.

  • http://hopefulleigh.blogspot.com/ HopefulLeigh

    Happy 100-ish, friend! I can’t remember how I found your blog but I believe it was the power of Twitter that brought us together.

    I write about my transition from the Chicago suburbs to the South, my quest for the perfect fried pickle, and what God’s been teaching me through it all. I have some exciting, crazy news (the next leap, so to speak) that I’ll be posting soon! http://www.hopefulleigh.blogspot.com

  • http://www.veronicamonique.com Veronica

    After following you through #coffeeclub and totally loving your candid flair with words, I can only hope that anyone who reads your blog would want to visit mine at http://www.veronicamonique.com. I talk about my life and thoughts as an SEO Writer, Word Warrior, Coffee Lover, Mother and Geek. I also have another blog featuring my creative writing at http://www.bloodandcandlelight.com where I explore the darker aspects of nature. I write for other people too. One day I hope to be a published author, until then I’m just a writer for hire, and writing my own life in the process.

  • http://hopefulleigh.blogspot.com/ HopefulLeigh

    Happy 100-ish, friend! I can’t remember how I found your blog but I believe it was the power of Twitter that brought us together.

    I write about my transition from the Chicago suburbs to the South, my quest for the perfect fried pickle, and what God’s been teaching me through it all. I’ll be sharing exciting, crazy news (the next leap, so to speak) soon! http://www.hopefulleigh.blogspot.com

  • http://allthingscommunication.wordpress.com Justin

    I enjoy the Twitter conversations (seeing as how you are my Twitter Mom :P), and I enjoy the posts that I’ve read throughout the past few months.

    My personal goal for myself is to simply seek out what God wants from me. A lot of big things are going on right now and I’m excited to see the outcome.

    My current big goal/project though is in regards to my campus minister. I attend a non-profit campus ministry, Christian Campus Fellowship at the U. of West GA, and so all the finances we gain are for the ministry, and no money is used elsewhere. With that being said, my goal/project is to send my campus minister to the Catalyst Conference that will be in Atlanta Oct. 5-7 of this year. He wants to go, but due to the financial aspect and his income, he can’t afford it. A big motto around my campus ministry is “See a need, meet a need.” I see the need to send him, I want to meet it! He deals with a lot, we students can be CRAZY, and he’s especially dealt with me a lot. He’s been there for me, given me “I can’t believe you did that” looks plenty, but most importantly, he’s believed in me when no one else has.

    I want to give back to him. If you want to help me out in anyway (donations/advice/ideas, whatever!) please free to go to my blog and contact me! http://allthingscommunication.wordpress.com

  • http://evo.dmlcorp.net DmL

    Keep it up Tamara, you’re hilarious and touching (but not hilariously touching).

    I am a father and I draw. If you like esoteric cartoons about: spaceships, offices, romance, swords, nintendo, and maybe a little fan service check out:

  • http://reconcilingviewpoints.wordpress.com reconciling viewpoints

    Good idea, Tamara….. Lots of good stuff out there: ‘So much to read, so little time!’ And congrats on 100-ish…. I’m somewhere around a dozen-ish, feel like I’m just scratching surface.

    My initial “mission” for my blog at http://reconcilingviewpoints.wordpress.com/ and for the book I want to write (if I ever make the time) is to help build unity in the church as well as removing obstacles to belief for nonbelievers by re-examining controversial issues/areas of ambiguity related to biblical topics like hell, creation, salvation, etc. (Short translation: I’ve got a theory on hell that’s different from most I’ve heard and I think I’m supposed to put it out there. We’ll see how long that takes!)

  • http://chroniclesofarocketsurgeon.com Angel

    I love your blog and your imperfections and your love for Jesus. I write about my life, my faith, and my chickens over at http://www.chroniclesofarocketsurgeon.com
    my sweet dad passed away suddenly in February so each Saturday(the day if his passing) I post a commentary he wrote back in the late 90’s from a local paper he wrote for. It’s a way I still get to hear from him. He’s still making me smile, and now complete strangers too. Thanks Tamara for everything. Your writing moves me all the time.

  • http://www.thewellwrittenwoman.com Cam

    Yay! Congrats on 100-ish! I love your sense of humor, occasional superfluous use of profanity and love of punk rock music. I’m going to lose whole days checking out all the awesome bloggers that are pimping their stuff here!

    A while back I came up with a nifty idea to start my very own community blog site – I like blogher, divine caroline and jezebel…but I felt like something was missing on the internet for women. So I came up with The Well Written Woman http://www.thewellwrittenwoman.com, a site for women who write well about everything they are passionate about….It’s only been live for about a month – but so far it’s going phenomenally well.

    Thanks Tamara for being badass 🙂

  • http://www.lifewithbellymonster.blogspot.com Bellymonster

    Happy 100th!

    What a great post, Ta-MAH-ra – it’s typical of your open, welcoming and entirely delicious nature. How I’ve enjoyed your words and your view of the world!

    I blog about life with two boys at http://www.lifewithbellymonster.blogspot.com. Mostly, it ends up being less about the stuff I’m supposed to be teaching them and more about the stuff they’re teaching me. I like writing “To Whom it May Concern” letters best.

    Stumbled upon an amazing site awhile back: http://www.helping-hearts.ca It’s dedicated to and features photos of children who are fighting for their lives, and the families who love them. A HS friend’s daughter was featured recently and I wept through tears as I read her story. The photographers who offer their talent and their time for such an endeavour deserve much kudos.

  • http://www.arduffle.com Joshua Swanagon

    Hey Tamara,

    Cool idea. Do webcomics with blog entries count? The advice theme of my comic works well, but the blogs really help to get the point (and a good chuckle) across. http://www.arduffle.com.

    Thanks for the opportunity to shamelessly promote ourselves. Keep up the good work, you really have a way with words that always give me a smile and at least a guffaw or two. Keep it real.

  • http://Thefivestages.wordpress.com Jenny Lind

    Thankful to my friend Cathy of windowsandpaperwalls.wordpress.com for pointing me in your direction. Thanks for being real!


  • http://facebook.com Cindy Holman

    Congratulations! I should have done something like this for my 100 – ish!! Great idea – here is my blog: http://cindyholman.wordpress.com/

  • http://shawnsmucker.com Shawn Smucker

    Hi Tamara, and thanks for explaining the pronunciation of your name the other day – I still say it wrong in my head the first time, but I’m working on it.

    My most popular blog last month was how I knew my world would end on May 21st:


  • http://heresyofthemonth.typepad.com/blog/ Bill Sergott


    I’m Bill, but I write under the pseudonym “TamaraOutLoud” – I always write really funny stuff – a lot of it involves boobs. You can read it all at my blog: http://tamaraoutloud.com

    P.S. When you refer to me, please pronounce my name as TA-me-rah. Thanks!

  • http://heresyofthemonth.typepad.com/blog/ Bill Sergott

    Sorry. I couldn’t resist. I am really a pastor in the Midwest, and I love Tamara’s blog. That’s why I tried to take credit for it.

    I have a wife and three awesome kids (two girls and a boy). I speak and write a lot, and I have used my blog to wrestle with some stuff for a couple of books I’m writing. I guess the main thrust of my blog is to cut through all of the crap of religion and cultural Christianity in order to get to Jesus. I am willing to struggle with and question a lot of “sacred cows”, and some of the questions I raise make very pious people quite nervous. That’s why I call my blog “Heresy of the Month”. That way, as the angry responses and emails flood in, I can send out my pre-made response email: “What the hell did you expect? Orthodoxy and Sound Doctrine? The blog is called “Heresy of the Month!”

    So, if you are interested, here is the site: http://heresyofthemonth.typepad.com/blog/

    Tamara, congrats on the 100th-ish!! I look forward to many more!

    P.S. I don’t really write about boobs all that much (Tamara does). I wrote one post years ago that mentioned boobs, and 2 families left my church.

  • http://wildmikebennett.com/blog M!ke Bennett

    Sorry I’m a little late to your 100th birthday bash (sorry, couldn’t resist :-p)! Congratulations on doing so much through those hundred posts!

    Commence pimping: Ars Moriendi is a Latin term for “the art of dying.” At the outset I guess that sounds kind of morbid, but I try to use my blog to bring hope and humor to the Christian process of dying to self. It’s an opportunity to dissect philosophical issues without being too stuffy or academic or impersonal about it. Come say hello!

    AND Ta-MAH-ra: happy happy 100th blog post! Here’s to 100 more 🙂

  • http://buddybagwell.blogspot.com BBagwell

    Thanks for your blogs and great to celebrate with you.

    You have been a very important part of my day for a while. I still remember you saying you wanted to write like Ann Lamott but You are you. I like Ann but I am a fan of Tamara Out Loud, HAPPY 100th.

    Shameless plug: http://www.buddybagwell.blogspot.com
    Hope you like the stories.

    Because of the other stipulation went to http://www.burninloveblog.com/
    Not the kind of blog I normally go to but I love to cook and really enjoyed the site.

  • http://www.unscriptedlife.com Ivy

    Happy 100th post! I’m pretty new to you blog, I saw a RT someone did and added you to my RSS feed. Great blog! Keep up the great work!!

    My name is Ivy, I blog at http://www.unscriptedlife.com. My blog is an honest journey through life. After years of building a life that ended up being the complete opposite of what I really wanted, I decided to start over and truly live every moment. I’m still discovering what that means, as well as constantly learning God’s plan for my life. On my blog, like my life, I surround my own little journeys with the things that inspire me and a whole of humor.

    Can’t wait to meet you all on your sites!

  • http://gravatar.com/seifnassar Rania Zaki

    Greetings from Cairo, Egypt!
    Love your name (it’s the name of my gorgeous cousin, too – and, hey! pronounced the same way!) and love your witticisms. Wow! Over 100 blog posts… kind of puts my 7 to shame… I started to write letters to my 7 year-old son about what we have experienced during the Egyptian revolution – what a roller-coaster ride that was/is! Anyway, here’s a link to one of the seven letters I posted in my blog… It’s about the day my husband went to the “Day of Wrath” protest:


    Egyptian mother-of-two with a name that sounds like the Spanish word for “spider”… Rania 🙂

  • http://cathrynsampson.wordpress.com Cat Sampson

    So happy I found your blog. You are hilarious I am seriously dying at these posts. Keep up the great work! =]


  • http://wordedworld.wordpress.com Nova Starr

    Hello. I just found your blog, erm, today…whatever day it actually is. I can never seem to remember. Anyways, I love your blog, it’s adorably funny. I wonder what day you made this post….Anyways, I’ve had my blog for….uhm….3 years I think and I, naturally, seem to be talking to myself. No one ever comesss. Of course, I’m not as funny as you are. Anyways, I have two blogs, one for my poetry: http://www.wordedworld.wordpress.com and my regular, semi life story blog: http://www.livetothefull.wordpress.com . So, uh, I hope you read it and like it or something. -_-

  • http://twitter.com/TheGreatAskini Holli

    This is one of my favorite blogs because, as everyone else has said, it is Christian without getting preachy or holier-than-thou. My blog started out as a direct extension of my longstanding dream to be an advice columnist, but has turned into a place where I blog about motherhood, Christianity, job concerns, dealing with my disordered eating, and becoming who God wants me to be…. in addition to the advice column every Wednesday (well, at least every Wednesday that I have questions to answer). If you would like some solicited advice from a certified non-professional, please come visit! http://awonderingspirit.blogspot.com

  • Anonymous

    I just stumbled upon your blog today and I’m in love- and I know I’m late- but–
    HAPPY 100th!!! That’s so exciting!
    I began writing a blog last year and I love it… it is a huge sense of release. Please be curious: http://flurryoflife.blogspot.com
    A friend of mine also just started blogging: http:karenleme.blogspot.com
    Good luck to you and be well.

  • Anonymous

    oops- http://karenlemke.blogspot.com
    I look forward to reading your posts in the future. Thank you.

  • http://divinitease.wordpress.com dandylayne

    Congrats on the nebulous milestone! I’m a new reader, but already thoroughly hooked- I love nothing more than honest, humorous expressions of real life and faith, so thanks for doin’ what you’re doing.

    I’ve started working on that myself, over at http://divinitease.wordpress.com, where I’m trying to explore my own vocation while tangling with the complexities of a polyamorous life.

    And thanks for opening up the comments to let me check out so many more great blogs- my reading list has grown so much tonight!

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