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KIT or Else: Making Good on Yearbook Promises

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I came across my high school yearbooks the other day and immediately became immersed in scrawled tales of teenage shenanigans, cryptic symbols, inside jokes to which I am now firmly an outsider, and a dash of my own vanity. And, of course, there was much ado about “loving always” and “forever friendship.” So, in the spirit of “KIT,” I’ve decided to respond to some of those notes now. Because when you ask me to keep in touch, I’ll do it, even if I procrastinate for 14 years. (But I bet you knew that because we’re BFFs.)

Junior year. Preparing for annual senior prom infiltration. Thumb rings. 1997.


Through the years it’s Been kind hard to write in the car sorry get with me later and I will Finish this

<3 C.

Hey BaBe I am back well beutiFul person Beutiful looks well as the love I have for our friendship knows no Bounds and thats about all I can

P.S. KIT or Else

<3-ya C.

Dear C.,

It really always has been hard to write in the car, hasn’t it? A decade and a half has done little to improve bumpy terrain, I’m afraid. So I am writing this from a laptop, which is not a dirty dance, but a computer that you can bring into coffee shops and join in the great mass of people contentedly ignoring each other for hours on end. Which reminds me of something I really have to tweet to 2000 strangers– sorry, get with me later and I will finish this.

<3 Tamára


So Tamára–

How was I in bed? He He. I’m sorry that we didn’t get to know eachother sooner. I think we could have been good friends. So, I hope you don’t think I hate you still, ‘cuz I don’t. Good luck, in life’s little endeavor.

Adios, B.

P.S. (Banana) he. he.

Dear B.,

I have no idea who you are and know nothing about your bananas, either post-scriptedly or euphemistically. I can only hope you have left out the whole bunch when, in life’s little endeavor, you’ve sought to become good friends with people and withhold your apparent hatred. Hehe.

Adios, Tamára


Tamára Tamanova Tesoro Guisado Lunardo Garcia Marquez, [Exactly two of these names are actually mine.]

[Heavily truncated because BFFs get chatty.]…When I think back on how many guys became obsessed with you this year I’m overwhelmed!! You’re a goddess! (As we already know!) Someday…you’ll probably be living down the street from me w/ your husband (who will he be??) your 2 kids, no pets– maybe a cat if you can find one you’re not alergic to!! You’ll be successful of course. I’ll probably be on my 3rd husband, (-3 husbands and 4 kids later!) 2 dogs, some cats, god knows what else!…But we’ll keep in touch!! I love you. (Always and forever) -A.

Dear A.,

I regret to inform you I am not a goddess. I am blogger, which is not the same, but it does occasionally result in the odd obsession. We have this thing now called a cyber-stalker. Life is weird.

I don’t live down the street or even on the same coast as you, but a nifty invention called Facebook has made it so that all of our most mundane moments are still right on up in each other’s faces. Technology has become terrifying.

As a matter of fact, my husband is the boy you will have introduced me to a year after taking up a page and a half of my yearbook (fair trade). In typical overachiever fashion, I had not two but five children; true to form, I continue to hold animals in suspicion. I may still consider a cat.

I regret to inform you I am not successful. I am a blogger, which is not the same, but it does occasionally result in the odd book deal. We have this thing now called the humble-brag. Life is weird.

You have no children and have never been married, but perhaps you have a menagerie after all? God knows what else I can find out on Facebook. We’ll keep in touch sporadically and virtually.

I love the memories of you (always and forever),



I was class of ’98– how about you? What were you like in high school? Wanna share a memory? KIT!

  • http://twitter.com/HereticHusband Heretic Husband (@HereticHusband)

    I was a nerd before being a nerd was cool. Pretty much every interest I had was considered satanic (heavy metal music, Dungeons and Dragons) or the realm of the socially awkward (computer programming).

    I really, really don’t miss high school.

  • http://scream911.wordpress.com youhavemyword

    This is too beautiful! Can’t imagine stumbling over old letters and notes – aaah, school days. Somewhere between missing them and being eternally grateful they’re done.

  • alisewrite

    I was the class of ’92.

    A couple of months ago my oldest & I went through some of my yearbooks. My absolute favorite comment was from a girl named Brenda that I don’t know at all any more. She wrote as a post-script, “Try not to laugh so loud, okay?”

    As you well know, I opted not to take her advice and am just as loud a laugher today as I (apparently) was back then.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamára

      HAHAHAHAHA! Take that, Brenda.

  • http://thechurchofnopeople.com Matt @ The Church of No People

    Ha! That’s awesome, Tamara. Actually, my high school yearbooks are blank because we got them at the beginning of the new school year, so only my junior high books are full of inane crap from strangers. The best note I ever got was from a friend who riffed on the “H.A.K.A.S.” thing (“have a kick ass summer”) by leaving an entire paragraph…in initials, which were then translated below.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamára

      Dude, that is intense.

  • http://carisadel.com Caris Adel

    this is hilarious! I graduated in 2000. I was not very cool at all, and all of my yearbook stuff is boring. ‘wish I would have gotten to know you better’. Lame. The long detailed notes that we passed in AP Bio are much funnier…and probably explains why I barely passed the class!

  • http://www.messyparadise.com kristinherdy

    I was class of ’99 and posted my favorite yearbook comment ever on the blog once — where my now-boyfriend wrote that I was to “stay pretty” and he “hoped I didn’t have a boyfriend next year.” It wasn’t the next year, but 16 years, one marriage each, two kids each and four moves each later… we’re getting married next July 🙂

    • http://www.leighkramer.com hopefulleigh

      Kristin!!! How did I miss your engagement announcement?! I’m so happy for you!

      • http://messiahmom.wordpress.com kristinherdy

        not officially official, yet, because of a hitch with a ring, as I understand it, but we have the church, the pastor, the reception hall, the date, the colors, I’ve bought tons of antique glassware… so, it better happen!

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamára

      That is awesome. Congratulations, Kristin!

  • http://ridereh.tumblr.com Andy

    Ahhh, high school. I often remember my first prom. My sophomore year I was invited by a junior to the prom. however, she spent most of the night comforting a friend whose boyfriend had broken up with her right before the prom. I was left to my own thoughts, most of which seemed to focus on the fact that I really didn’t know many juniors or seniors in high school and that I had perhaps wasted my evening.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamára

      Ha! Oh, prom. The irony for me is that, even though our prom was only for seniors, I talked a boy into taking me every year just so that I could go and dress up and be a part of it all– then senior year, when I was actually allowed to go, I was in the middle of an angsty, rage-against-the-machine streak (that I have yet to outgrow), and so I went with my boyfriend (now husband), dressed in vintage 60s costumes as an eff-you to social norms while still very much going to the dang prom.

  • http://www.leighkramer.com hopefulleigh

    Class of ’98 represent! Well done, Tamara. This makes me want to flip through my yearbook when I get home from work and see what kind of catching up I need to do. It’s funny how FB really has changed the way we keep in touch with folks. For better or worse.

    I could share a few memories but then I’d have to kill you. I think we can both agree these stories will keep.

    • http://happyhippierose.wordpress.com happyhippierose

      Agreed! FB is such an awesome tool for literally KIT-ing.

      Oh. And I’m c/o 2001. I forgot to say in my big reply below…

  • http://happyhippierose.wordpress.com happyhippierose

    Oh T, this is funny stuff! Going back and cracking open the ole yearbook leads to such a weird trip down memory lane. Not only at trying to place people and events, but deciphering the strange syntax of grammatically-depraved teenagers. *shudders*

    I haven’t gone through an old one of mine in a while, but usually if I do it’s a mixed bag. I was terribly unpopular in middle school, and the missives scribbled in my yearbooks from those grades are horrendous. Kids are mean, man.

    The high school ones are better, but weirder! I went from unassuming, super sheltered and innocent dork to life of the party hellraiser all within four years. Thus, the messages grow with me – the content switching from painfully childish in sentiment (i was a super intelligent 14yo who still played with Barbies) to clumsily awkward in its attempt to be adult-like. Neither of which felt like the “real me” – but were both attempts at finding at extreme to identify with. As a constant outlier (and fellow over-achiever), the status quo never seemed a sufficient place to hang out.

    Fun post, cracked me up. Made me think. Makes me wish my yearbooks weren’t buried in the bowels of a storage unit forty-five minutes away from here!

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamára

      Awesome. I still get antsy in the status quo. 🙂

  • http://janheath1234.wordpress.com Off the Wall

    Alas, I lost all my yearbooks to a flood, which was quite the catastrophe since I was on the yearbook staff and felt a personal loss! I am so old we didn’t really have women’s sports till I got to college, but there were pictures of me in choir and cheerleading. I was always kinda shy and awkward and TOO TALL which made me very self-conscious!

  • http://howtotalkevangelical.addiezierman.com Addie Zierman

    This. is. awesome.

  • http://twitter.com/edcyzewski edcyzewski (@edcyzewski)

    I was the class of 97 in high school, and I can’t forget high school fast enough. Oddly enough, some of the people that I hardly knew in high school have become pretty good friends through the magic of Facebook. We didn’t hang out all that much in person, but stick us all behind computers and life is grand. Ha! I guess I just needed a computer to help me get over my social awkwardness issues…

  • dan mcm

    I was the class of ‘before you were born’ (’78). I was the shy, quiet, band geek that didn’t go out on a single date my entire HS career, yet had at least 4 cute girls (not exaggerating) tell me I was probably the nicest guy in the school… and I’d think “so why did you like the guys that were jerks?”

    The most prophetic comment was from a friend who said ‘Good luck at college… you’ll do great, if you try.” Nailed it….

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamára

      (Because we date the bad boys and marry the good guys. 🙂 )

      • dan mcm

        Yeah, figured that out later.

        By the way, you ARE successful. Rich in terms of finances, maybe not… but you are definitely successful, and don’t let anyone (including yourself) tell you otherwise. (Worship leader, mom, writer, editor, blogger…..)

  • http://asoulswalk.wordpress.com asoulwalker

    Someone drew an incredibly sweet picture of Jessica Rabbit. Was that the best part of 1997? Sad… but the picture was pretty sweet.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamára

      There was a time I aspired to be just like her when I grew up. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

  • Sarah H.

    Class of ’95, baby. My senior yearbook involves things like quotes from The Princess Bride and encouragement to keep singing. I still love both, so maybe I haven’t changed that much. I heard on the radio the other day of a guy who postulated that everyone has an “internal” age, and so there is always a time in life when our internal age kind of “works” with our external one. I figure I was strange for a high schooler, but perhaps am less-strange as a 35-year-old who is pretty much the same as that high schooler. (Wishful thinking?)

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamára

      Too funny about the meshing of internal/external ages. My mom always said I was 3-going-on-35, so I guess I’m either still infantile or just waiting a few more years to really be me. 😉

  • http://rasjacobson.com Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

    First of all, I just had the idea to do this! Dagnabit! I figured I’d wait until next year around year book time.

    Maybe that will give people time to forget.

    Second, what do you mean: Blogging does not mean you are a goddess? Um, yeah it does. We so are. Duh! #NonHumbleBrag

    Third: Some of the people with whom you graduated had really poor grammar and were mean. I’m glad you turned out to be you.

  • http://www.allthingsbeautifulblog.com Alyssa

    This is so funny! And your picture is SO 90’s, I love it, especially the thumb rings!

  • http://randomlychad.com Chad Jones

    Class of ’88 here. Yearbook lost in a move. Inanity lost to the ages. Oh, well. Haven’t KIT with anyone from those days.

  • http://wonderingsofatwentysomething.wordpress.com Kim @ Wonderings

    What a great post. I haven’t been out of high school that long (almost 10 years) but it feels like forever ago. Facebook has really made easy (sometimes too easy) to KIT for me and my peers. Might go home and peak in my yearbook…

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