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May 2013



  • Mom

    And He is the strongest person I know.

  • David

    A parable: Jesus sees Zaccheus in a tree, says, “I’m coming to your house for tea.” Zaccheus says, “That’s fucking awesome!” Jesus frowns and says, “Actually can you clean up the language? How big do you think my grace is?”

  • Lindsay

    I. love. this.

  • http://scream911.wordpress.com youhavemyword

    This has tumble-dry flipped my perspective on its head. I would love to see a TOL version of the Bible. This is brilliant. Wow. Really. If you could see my face, you would be concerned about why my jaw is no longer attached to my face. Thank you for Divine words.

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  • http://theundercoverchristian.wordpress.com theundercoverchristian

    Paul writes in Galatians 5 that he opposes people who advocate circumcision so much that he wishes the knife would slip and they’d emasculate themselves. I think God cuts freedom of expression a little slack every so often… 🙂

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