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July 2015



My new poetry book — Like Flowers in Winter — is here!

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After years of putting heart to page, I finally finished my first poetry book. 

A story of death, growth, and birth, Like Flowers in Winter: A coming-out in faith is a memoir in verse form. My journey to unlearn my own beliefs about sexuality, love, and relationship with God brought me through hell and back. Where I’ve landed is where I invite you to come just as you are — into the arms of God.

Because publishers are rarely interested in taking poetry, I decided to do this on my own—which means that my devoted fiancée, Casey, had a lot of work to do. 🙂 We handmade the books at our kitchen table, I signed each cover, and we packed up the first batch to debut last weekend at Wild Goose Festival.

We sold several copies, traded one for some soulful music from our new friends Me and Molly, and gave one away to a young woman who needed to know she wasn’t alone on her journey. And now that we’re home from our incredible weekend (which I’ll write about as I process), I’m so happy to share Like Flowers in Winter with you.

Because we hand-make each copy, please allow 1-2 weeks for completion. I’m asking a suggested donation of $5—the more you can give, the more I can give away. Thanks, friends.

ETA: After you click the “Donate” button and enter a dollar amount, please include your mailing address and, if you give more than $5, instructions on how many books to send you and how many to keep for donating to someone in need. (If you give more than $5 and don’t specify where you want the books to go, I’ll send one copy to you and donate the rest.) Thanks!


  • Julie

    Love, love, love!! So excited to read your poems!

    • http://tamaralunardo.com/ Tamára Lunardo

      Thank you! I’m so excited to finally get to share this whole book, so painstakingly put together. I really hope it will bless people.

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