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Quality Programming (Between the Sheets)

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One of the greatest things about the blogging community is the way other writers can inspire you (if you know what I mean). Thanks to my friends, it’s never too hard to have a good time. (Why yes, that’s what she said.) So naturally, when I realized how amusing it could be to use the old fortune cookie addendum “between the sheets” to enhance the names of t.v. shows, I just had to invite you to join in the fun. Ahem.

Shows that are getting it on (aka current shows):

Glee Between the Sheets

Grey’s Anatomy Between the Sheets

How I Met Your Mother Between the Sheets

Parks and Recreation Between the Sheets

Raising Hope Between the Sheets

Two and a Half Men Between the Sheets

The Good Wife Between the Sheets

So You Think You Can Dance Between the Sheets

The Amazing Race Between the Sheets

Happy Endings Between the Sheets –Well done, all around.

Shows that couldn’t keep it up (aka recently cancelled/ended shows):

Mad Love Between the Sheets

Better with You Between the Sheets

Big Love Between the Sheets

Entourage Between the Sheets

The Event Between the Sheets

V Between the Sheets

Running Wilde Between the Sheets

Pushing Daisies Between the Sheets

Lost Between the Sheets –No wonder it’s over.

Shows that went out with a bang (aka old shows):

M.A.S.H. Between the Sheets

Party of Five Between the Sheets

Friends Between the Sheets

Three’s Company Between the Sheets

Arrested Development Between the Sheets

Mad About You Between the Sheets

I Dream of Jeannie Between the Sheets

Bewitched Between the Sheets

Touched By an Angel Between the Sheets

8 is Enough Between the Sheets –Well, I’m exhausted.

How about you? You got any? Ahem.

  • Carter

    My Three Sons Between the Sheets

    Game over. I win.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Well, if we’re going to take things in that direction (ahem), then how about $#*! My Dad Says Between the Sheets?

  • http://www.inamirrordimly.com ed cyzewski

    Awesome list. Oh gosh. You missed the most obvious one:

    Mad Men Between the Sheets

    Lots of that going on in that show.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      I kinda thought The Secret Diary of a Callgirl was the most obvious one, but point well taken. If you know what I mean.

      • http://www.inamirrordimly.com ed cyzewski

        Yeah. You’re right. After I posted that, I realized that I only watch four TV shows on a regular basis. Sooooo, out of those four, Mad Men wins. 🙂

  • http://Www.ourhouseofe.blogspot.com Darcy

    We always say “in bed” such as The Big Bang Theory in bed.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Much more succinct– I like how you get right to the point. (That’s what she said.)

  • http://www.betachristian.net Moe

    Sex and the City between the sheets? Oh my!

    Mad Men between the sheets? sounds gay

    Hung (HBO) between the sheets? (and the girls go wild). I’ll stop there! 🙂

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      The whole city? And I thought 8 Was Enough.

  • Bryan

    I like:
    Leave it to Beaver Between the Sheets or
    BJ and the Bear Between the Sheets *that one works for me on many levels*

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Something for everyone. I bet you do like it.

  • http://educlaytion.wordpress.com educlaytion

    Community between the sheets.
    Survivor between the sheets.

    And since you asked.
    Growing Pains between the sheets.

    • http://ironicmom.wordpress.com Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom)

      Here’s some word play:

      Survivor= Survive Her between the sheets.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Too much inspiration from this blogger, eh?

  • http://www.davidnmiles.com David

    Family Matters between the sheets

    Saved By the Bell between the sheets

    Boy Meets World between the sheets

    Cheers between the sheets

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Boy Meets World. Yes, he does.

  • http://justinfalls.com Justin

    Southland Between The Sheets – BWHAAAAAAA!!!! Oh, sorry. Laughing at my own jokes.

    Modern Family Between The Sheets – WRONG!

    Thanks for the laughs my friend!

    • http://betachristian.net Moe

      Kiwis between the sheets? LOL

      • http://justinfalls.com Justin


    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Southland: I like where you’re head’s at.

      • http://messiahmom.wordpress.com kristinherdy

        is that… between the sheets?

  • http://facebook.com Cindy Holman

    Here Come The Brides Between the Sheets 🙂

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      That should come on right after Property Virgins.

  • http://ironicmom.wordpress.com Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom)

    I’m game, if you know what I mean.

    Breaking Bad between the sheets.
    The A Team between the sheets.
    Facts of Life between the sheets.
    Price is Right between the sheets.
    X[rated]Files between the sheets.

    …and a movie, because I. can’t. resist.
    Raising Arizona between the sheets.

    Thanks for the giggle, iykwim.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Any time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • http://www.hopefulleigh.blogspot.com HopefulLeigh

    You crack me up!

    The Voice between the sheets
    Real Housewives (insert city) between the sheets
    Keeping Up With the Kardashians between the sheets
    Step by Step between the sheets
    Parenthood between the sheets

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Oh lord, I don’t know who could Keep Up with the Kardashians Between the Sheets.

  • http://silly-bear.com Sarah

    I love this post! Hmmm….so here are my ideas:

    Jeopardy between the sheets

    Cougar Town between the sheets

    Sister Wives between the sheets

    30 Minute Meals between the sheets

    And, I’m stopping there…blushing red 🙂

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      30 Minute Meals, oh my.

    • http://www.joyinthisjourney.com Joy


      30 minute meals…

  • http://larryhehn.com Larry Hehn

    60 Minutes between the sheets
    Happy Days between the sheets
    Get Smart between the sheets
    My So Called Life between the sheets
    The Incredible Hulk between the sheets
    and my favorite…
    Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader between the sheets

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Are you smarter than a 5th grader? I most certainly hope so.

      • http://larryhehn.com Larry Hehn

        I am when I’m between the sheets, if you know what I mean.

  • http://www.lifewithbellymonster.blogspot.com Bellymonster

    This post is cracking me right up! LOVE “Sister Wives between the sheets” as I’ve developed a weird fascination with that show.

    In honour of the only shows my DH and I can watch together:

    Canada’s Worst Handyman between the sheets
    Canada’s Worst Driver between the sheets
    Wipeout between the sheets
    Republic of Doyle between the sheets

    Nope. Nothing too Canuck about us, eh?

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      I feel for the Canadians right now.

  • http://messiahmom.wordpress.com kristinherdy

    Cheers between the sheets
    Head of the Class between the sheets

    what about kid shows?
    Mighty Machines between the sheets
    Willa’s Wild Life between the sheets
    Curious George between the sheets

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      I had some good kids’ shows, but I was afraid of getting into skeevy territory. A favorite, though: Handy Manny Between the Sheets.

  • Matt (@ragamuffinrhino)

    One inspired by, ahem, well, yours truly…

    The Greatest American Hero Between the Sheets…

    (Drops Mic…exists stage left with fist in the air)

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Wait, where’s Shanda? She needs to weigh in here!

  • Matt (@ragamuffinrhino)

    Two Words:


    My work here is done… 😉

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Good work, if you know what I mean.

  • http://larryhehn.com Larry Hehn

    – Who’s the Boss between the sheets
    – Dirty Jobs between the sheets
    – Emergency between the sheets
    – Trading Spaces between the sheets
    – Another World between the sheets
    – Press Your Luck between the sheets
    – The View between the sheets

    • http://www.bensayin.com Ben

      Winner = you.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Aw man, I should’ve thought of Who’s the Boss!

  • http://larryhehn.com Larry Hehn

    Ooh, and who can forget…
    Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Between the sheets.

    • http://somespecieseattheiryoung.com Chase McFadden

      There’s my winner, especially if the old guy narrates the action. Nice, Larry.

  • http://www.gritandglory.com Alece

    Deal or No Deal Between the Sheets (or maybe that’s a youth group abstinence program, i’m not sure…)

    Man vs. Wild Between the Sheets

    Everybody Loves Raymond Between the Sheets

    • http://www.joyinthisjourney.com Joy

      Deal or No Deal as an abstinence program = genius.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      I think the abstinence program would just have to be No Deal Between the Sheets.

  • http://somespecieseattheiryoung.com Chase McFadden

    Deadliest Catch Between the Sheets.
    Talk about your crab pots…

    Thanks for the post love. (TWSS/IFKWIM/BTS)

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      You’re welcome. I thought you would get a rise out of it.

  • http://www.bensayin.com Ben

    This is awesome, here’s mine:

    All My Children between the sheets
    Mission Impossible between the sheets
    You asked for it between the sheets.

    Yes, they’re in that order on purpose.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      “You asked for it.” I suppose I did.

  • Bryan

    Reality shows really open up a whole can of worms – how about:

    My Strange Addiction between the sheets

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      I think we just found your new pet name for me.

  • Matt (@ragamuffinrhino)

    Judge Judy Between the Sheets…

    ‘She’s ready to rule…’

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      That one’s just frightening, man.

  • http://readhanded.blogspot.com Julie

    Wait. Mad Love was canceled, too? I heard about Better With You and while I like it, I kind of understand why they canceled it. But Mad Love? Boo.
    I know that was not the point of your post, but man, now I’m upset. (Funny post by the way!)

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      So sorry– the post wasn’t supposed to get anyone down, if you know what I mean.

  • http://www.whimsywords.blogspot.com/ Julie Anne

    I’m gonna be late picking up my K from 1/2 day because of this post!

    The Mentalist between the sheets… just because I read recently that for women that it’s all in the head!

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      “for women it’s all in the head”


  • Nicole M

    Since Alton is going off the air….Good Eats between the sheets 🙂

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara


  • http://movethmountains.blogspot.com ChadJ (randomlychad)

    In the recently cancelled department:

    No Ordinary Family Between the Sheets (oh, now that’s skeevy!)

    Currently airing shows:

    Bizarre Foods Between the Sheets (with your host, Andrew Zimmern)
    Castle Between the Sheets (actually not)
    Dirty Jobs Between the Sheets
    Man Vs. Food Between the Sheets

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      “with your host” Ahahaha!

  • http://rasjacobson.wordpress.com Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

    Outstanding. And late for the party.

    But I love it, if you know what I mean. 😉

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      It’s never too late to join in the fun. Ahem.

  • http://thegoodgreatsby.wordpress.com The Good Greatsby

    My interest level in all of these shows would increase dramatically if these were the real titles.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      Me too, sir. Me too.

  • http://www.jermainelane.com Jermaine Lane

    Hey Tamara and everyone, I’m new and a little late to the party but here goes:

    Saturday Night Live between the sheets
    The Apprentice between the sheets
    Mythbusters between the sheets
    Everybody Loves Raymond between the sheets
    A Different World between the sheets
    Wonder Woman between the sheets
    The Six Million Dollar Man between the sheets.

    Great post yo, good times!

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara


      The Apprentice. Heh.

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  • http://adjustthesails.wordpress.com Michelle

    New Girl between the sheets.

    Bones between the sheets.

    Angel between the sheets.

    Rescue Me between the sheets.

    A Gifted Man between the sheets.

    Unforgettable between the sheets.

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