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December 2011




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TOL’s 12 Gifts of Christmas! Gifts 5 and 6 are up for grabs today! To throw your name in the hat, leave a comment on this post. (To leave a comment without playing, just add, “No gifts, please!”) I’ll announce the recipients tomorrow evening. Regular Gift: I review/edit/advise on a post/document/manuscript sample of yours (800 words or fewer) or offer a general critique of your blog. White Elephant Gift: I send you a tacky Florida postcard. (What’s this all about?           Gifts 1 & 2            Gifts 3 & 4) _________________________________________________________ Head is clouded, Heart heavy. Choice […]



October 2011



“Not Alone” Book Release: My Piece of the Story

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I don’t know what possessed me to contribute to my friend Alise Wright’s “Not Alone” blog series on depression so many months ago. Nobody really wants to talk about depression, nobody wants to write about it, and, most certainly, nobody wants to read about it. Except that when they do, something amazing happens: Health. Not total healing– not in this life– but health; the health that is honesty, and  community, and hope. When I shared my original post at Alise’s blog, the response from her readers and my own was humbling: People broke their safely guarded silence. They let me […]



September 2011



Twenty-Four Inches to Choose Truth

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It came on out of nowhere, a small thing turned big, a feeling– normally dismissed– now wielding supernatural strength. It claimed hold; it held tight. First the anger, then the sadness, tired beyond tired, done. Submerged, suffocated. Me. *** My depression sprung up on Saturday, and it didn’t care that the next day I had to sing. And not just sing– lead. Lead worship.



December 2010



You Are Not Alone

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I’ve only just begun it, but I can already tell you: Writing about depression is hard. Writing about my faltering faith, my personality defects, my physical flaws, my parenting struggles– that’s easy. That’s stuff everyone goes through; I know I’m not alone. But Depression is a sinister demon, and it’s a damn good liar, and it loves to whisper, “You’re all alone.” I am thrilled to be guest posting at Big Mama’s Blog today as a part of her “Not Alone” Series. Please CLICK HERE to read the rest of my story!



June 2010



When Joy Is Gone, I Am

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There is a church I drive by six times a week as I take my children back and forth to their team practices. For the last week or so, the marquee out front has declared, “God is the joy in you,” and for the last week or so, if I gave it any thought at all, it was a passing thought of the “Oh, that’s a nice idea” variety. But the last day I drove by it, I didn’t feel that it was all that nice. In fact, I felt pretty severely pissed about the whole thing. The last day […]

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