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August 2011



We Remain, We Are Remembered

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The songwriter dreams desperately: On the very day I die The very last of my desires Is that you take my broken body And commit it to the fire And then when the fire is finished Scrape the ashes in a tin Take them down to London’s drinking reservoirs And throw them in And then specks infinitesimal of my mortal remains Will slide down seven million throats and into seven million veins And I will creep through their capillaries to the marrow of their bones And they will wake to bright new mornings and then wordlessly they’ll know That I [...]



June 2011



Who I’m ____ing Right Now

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It’s  been an exciting week around here what with all the action I’ve been getting. (Thanks, by the way– you’re fantastic. Ahem.) But there’s a lot more to life than my blog. Here’s a peek at how I’ve been getting busy: Who I’m Listening to Right Now- Frank Turner‘s new album, England Keep My Bones, is rocking my anglophilic world. Just released this week, it’s a little punk, a lot folk, and entirely fun. Even the theologically effed “Glory Hallelujah” is catchy as hell. So to speak. Who I’m Reading Right Now- Benjamin Nugent‘s American Nerd: The Story of My [...]