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September 2011



Call for Responses to “What’s a Girl Worth?”

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When I wrote “What’s a Girl Worth?” on Monday I couldn’t anticipate the widespread, profound response it received. It resonated with women, and also men, who had struggled to believe their own worth; it struck men, and also women, who realized the impact of their attitudes; it stirred compassion and righteous anger across genders. @tamaraoutloud Often when you tell your story, it mirrors mine. You give voice to my heart and I'm sure countless others. Thank you. xo — Liza (@itslizawithaz) September 19, 2011 But my stories are not so terribly special. The biggest difference between mine and those tucked […]



October 2010



My Purple Shirt Will Change the World

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I’m going to change the world today. My plan is simple: I am going to wear a purple shirt. It will not have a catchy slogan or a sharp logo, but it will carry a message all the same. It will say to anyone who sees me, “I care.” Wednesday, October 20 has been designated Purple Shirt Day or Spirit Day (so named for the meaning of purple in the LGBT rainbow symbol) to speak out against anti-LGBT bullying, in response to the six recent suicides of young people who were bullied and harassed for being, or for being thought […]

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