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July 2011



Who I’m ____ing Right Now: July Edition

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How’s your July been? Hot and fast? Mine too. (Wow, that wasn’t even on purpose.) Here’s how I’ve been keeping busy! Who I’m Listening to Right Now- I found the folk punk band Andrew Jackson Jihad and their fantastically inappropriately titled album while checking out the opening acts for the Frank Turner concert I’m going to in September (!!!!!). Don’t be alarmed by their name– if you like the Juno soundtrack, you should like these guys. (And if you don’t like the soundtrack and/or film, just know that I’m silently shaking my head at you right now.) Who I’m Reading [...]



June 2011



Who I’m ____ing Right Now: June Edition

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I’ve been playing around with the idea of making “Who I’m ___ing Right Now” a monthly rather than weekly feature. After all, how many of my escapades can I really expect to entertain you with?  So as I continue to feel things out as I go, keep letting me know how you like it. Ahem. Here’s what I’ve been doing in June! Who I’m Listening to Right Now- Brandi Carlile is a favorite at our house, and in fact one of us may even have a little bit of a music crush. (I’m not naming names, especially mine.) I love [...]