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December 2011




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TOL’s 12 Gifts of Christmas! Gifts 5 and 6 are up for grabs today! To throw your name in the hat, leave a comment on this post. (To leave a comment without playing, just add, “No gifts, please!”) I’ll announce the recipients tomorrow evening. Regular Gift: I review/edit/advise on a post/document/manuscript sample of yours (800 words or fewer) or offer a general critique of your blog. White Elephant Gift: I send you a tacky Florida postcard. (What’s this all about?           Gifts 1 & 2            Gifts 3 & 4) _________________________________________________________ Head is clouded, Heart heavy. Choice […]



November 2011



What Being a Music School Drop-out Taught Me About Writing

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Long before I ever had thoughts of putting my voice to paper, I had dreams of putting it on stage. I had a lyric soprano, acceptance into a competitive vocal program, and the enthusiastic support of my coaches and family. I was going to be a singer. And then I dropped out of music school. I realized it wasn’t where I was supposed to be. But I’m grateful, not only that leaving led me to where I belong, but that it taught me how to stay here. (continued) *** When my friend Jeff Goins reached out to me and began […]



October 2011



Grab Somebody Sexy, Tell ‘Em What?!

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Thanks to the premature and highly inconvenient demise of my car’s CD player, coupled with my inability to drive without a soundtrack,  I’ve been forced to listen to the radio lately. This has resulted in repeated brain pukes as well as frequent outbursts of exasperation. (One of my two-year olds recently announced, “I don’t like this song!” and her twin demanded, “Put on Chuck Ragan!” For my part, I usually just threaten the radio with death.) It has also resulted in slight alarm. When I started paying attention to some of the abundant lyrics about the dating scene, I wondered […]



July 2011



Night at the Blue Owl, or Elephant. Whatever. Pssh.

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It was 8pm on a Thursday, downtown Sarasota, and we had an hour to kill before Bryan’s tattoo appointment. The streets were fairly snowbird-free, but we were still well below the median age and income. We passed restaurants too lofty for our paltry dinner budget and stole smells instead. We were almost to the Indian-run pizza place with a six-dollar soda-and-slices deal when a sign caught my eye: The Blue Owl. $2 PBR. We could kill an hour for a couple bucks, easy. The trio lounging outside the bar wore thin mustaches, tight jeans, and  pronounced looks of boredom-verging-on-condescension. “Fun,” […]



April 2011



We are the Queer. We are the Whore.

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If you have no inclination to hear punk music or to consider the realities of a screwed up nation, then I cannot recommend against NOFX’s The Decline EP strongly enough– it would be far too jolting. But should you hazard a listen, you will be rocked hard for 18 minutes and 20 seconds.  And what may rock you hardest is hearing this: We are the Queer. We are the Whore. *** I’m thrilled to be contributing my first post at A Deeper Story today. To continue reading, please click here. And, friends, it’s scary bringing words like these with you […]



December 2010



When a Baby Means War

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It’s the time of year when I’m forced to think of Jesus not as a grown man dying on a Roman cross or as an intercessor pleading my sorry case at the heavenly throne but as a newborn. Images and stories and songs of His birth make me ask, “What does it mean that He was a baby?” I have seen a culture’s answer. That He was a baby– and held fast in time in our minds as that baby– means He is safe and sweet and pure. It means He is holdable, manageable, tame. Even many of my non-Christian […]

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