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March 2012



A Letter to My Rapist

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As I’ve been reading, re-reading, editing, and deliberating over a throng of submissions for What a Woman is Worth, I’ve held up. Mostly. For every heartbreaking essay, there is one that heals, and I am grateful and hopeful for the good each will do. But a good friend pointed out that maybe I might be getting a little immersed in the mire, and she didn’t want me to get stuck. So I wrote a letter that all this emotional book work inspired, a letter that was far more important to write than it would be to send, and I am […]



September 2011



Call for Responses to “What’s a Girl Worth?”

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When I wrote “What’s a Girl Worth?” on Monday I couldn’t anticipate the widespread, profound response it received. It resonated with women, and also men, who had struggled to believe their own worth; it struck men, and also women, who realized the impact of their attitudes; it stirred compassion and righteous anger across genders. @tamaraoutloud Often when you tell your story, it mirrors mine. You give voice to my heart and I'm sure countless others. Thank you. xo — Liza (@itslizawithaz) September 19, 2011 But my stories are not so terribly special. The biggest difference between mine and those tucked […]



June 2010



Strong Words

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It’s not every day you can say, “I will fuck you up” to a cop and get away with it. But that’s exactly what I did, and not only did I come through unscathed, I came through triumphant. I decided to take a Rape Aggression Defense class with my friend Jen because it sounded like a good idea and it was free. (You can get me to do almost anything if you entice me with “free”; I was raised by the cheapest people on earth.) In the first segment of the class we had some discussion, and I mentioned that […]



May 2010



Taking Back Buffet, Part 2

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A little while ago I wrote a story of hurt and hope. Today I am writing a story of healing. I was shuttling the kids to their after-school activities when “Margaritaville” came on the radio. Not only did I not need to change the station, but after a moment, I realized I was actually singing along and drumming my thumbs on the steering wheel. This may seem like a small thing to you, but to me, it is A Very Big Thing. And I have to tell you, this is God’s work, nothing less. I won’t stand for the cynicism […]



February 2010



Taking Back Buffet

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I’ve been thinking about writing this since long before my blog was born. But it’s so personal and sometimes even still so painful that I’ve been holding off. I was cautioned recently not to “let it all hang out,” and this may indeed cross a line of public decency. What I need to say is not the stuff of polite conversation; it will probably make you uncomfortable. But in the past 24 hours I’ve had three signals blare loudly at me, telling me that this story is not to be held off any longer. And sometimes, when you feel like […]

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