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February 2012



Aw, Hey, Fella

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Aw, hey, fella– I heard you were havin’ A real hard time. All those naughty gals, Sitting at the front of the bus– Gosh, how coudja Turn your eyes away? So much safer To just put ’em in the back. Aw, hey, fella– Whatcha gonna do When a pretty lady’s Not ashamed of what she’s got? Better let her know Just what nasty names you’re thinkin’ ‘Cause it’s so much easier Than changing whatcha think. Aw, hey, fella– You just can’t help it; You gents are visual creatures. And gosh, gee, fella– We gals are mental creatures. You really oughta […]



July 2010



If You Get Drunk Without Meaning To

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It was the last day of our vacation, and I was lying out by the pool trying to relax amid children’s shouts and splashes. I’m not too young to remember how annoying it was when a record would skip back and repeat a small segment ad infinitum until you finally gave in and moved the needle past the trouble spot; and although she is far too young to remember this phenomenon, my almost-8-year-old, Natalie, was a genius at recreating it. “Mom, are you trying to get tan?” “No. I have sunscreen on. I’m just trying to relax.” “Are you trying […]

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