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March 2012



Guest Post: “An Idiot’s Guide to Driving”

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Today’s guest post comes from Kevin Haggerty of The Isle of Man. Somewhere beneath his unapologetically sarcastic humor is a soft heart, I’m almost totally sure. I hope you’ll enjoy his verbal road rage and let out a little of your own. –Tamara (What’s up with all the guest posts around here lately?) _______________________________________________________ A little while ago, I wrote a post on my blog called “Top Signs You Might Be a Jerk.” It detailed some of the tell-tale determiners that may point to you (or someone you love) being…a jerk. It was all in good fun, but I touched [...]



December 2011



My Interview at The Isle of Man!

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Today I have the pleasure of being interviewed by Kevin Haggerty at The Isle of Man! Kevin won the interview during my 12 Gifts of Christmas giveaway, but let’s be honest: If you call your place “The Isle of Man” and list me as the only chick in your guy-laden blogroll, I’m gonna be the first one to show up and see what you’ve got goin’ on. Kevin’s questions were fun and thoughtful, and he got me to tell you all about my next big tattoo, my advice on growing a blog, and my most aggravating personal traits. It’s gonna [...]