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May 2010



Taking Back Buffet, Part 2

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A little while ago I wrote a story of hurt and hope. Today I am writing a story of healing.

I was shuttling the kids to their after-school activities when “Margaritaville” came on the radio. Not only did I not need to change the station, but after a moment, I realized I was actually singing along and drumming my thumbs on the steering wheel. This may seem like a small thing to you, but to me, it is A Very Big Thing. And I have to tell you, this is God’s work, nothing less.

I won’t stand for the cynicism that would suggest that it’s just a matter of time healing all wounds. To anyone tempted to try to convince me along those lines, I say, Friend, as well as I know the pain of this wound, I know the source of its healing. For 15 years, this song has had the power to wrench my heart and make me feel physically ill. That day I could sing it. Time doesn’t have that kind of power; God does.

I may write fluff, but the truth is that the pain has not paralyzed me; I can write. I may laugh at myself, but the truth is that the pain has not defeated me; I can laugh. I may sing cheesy, dated music, but the truth is that the pain has not silenced me; I can sing. And I offer you a taste of my little slice of Key lime pie healing because I believe that the story of redemption is the most important story any Christian can tell.

Whatever you have done or has been done to you, there is hope, and hope, and hope still. There is One who heals hurts and redeems wrongs; One who has written and continues to write small stories like these, rich with meaning and light with freedom; One who at the very moment you read these words poured into and out of me is aching to heal your wounds.

I invite you to come taste redemption.


I have been offering prayer on Sundays at the Tamara Out Loud Facebook page, but for the first time, I want to extend the offer here as well. Please feel no need to leave any details you’d rather not share; you can even comment anonymously– God knows exactly who you are.
Christian friends, will you join me in praying for anyone who leaves a prayer request here?

  • Mom

    Amen, Amen, and Amen. Oh my darling, how happy I am for you. And how proud of you, that you have allowed God to do His magnificent healing work in you… and that you share that healing with others who need it so badly. I love you!

  • http://buddybagwell@blogspot.com B Bagwell

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE Day!!! Funny it came from dependence on HIM!!!

  • Mom

    Ah – touche, B Bagwell

  • http://breadtobeeaten.wordpress.com breadtobeeaten

    I’m glad you can sing when you want to, that you can recognize the significance of just a little bit of finger-tapping joy.

  • Theresa

    Thank you, Tamara, for sharing your story. You have inspired all of us survivors to continue telling our stories. (: Yes, we CAN heal. The first step, telling someone, is the hardest. I wish you great peace!

  • Anonymous

    See, Tamara, how sharing the way you do touches and helps others? What a blessing!

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