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April 2010



The Man Who Mattered Most

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Author’s Note: It is never my intention to use my writing to hurt another person, and the decision to write and publish this poem was not one that I came to easily. My father and I had a difficult relationship all my life until I left for college, but in the time since, I have seen God work a tremendous change in his heart. He is now a blessing to me and my children in ways that I do not think he even realizes. I am publishing this poem not with any lack of respect or love for my dad, because he has them both in full, but rather with the hope that it might bring comfort to any readers who have felt alone with their own wounds.


Forgiven wounds

Still go deep.

We sing,

“How great

The Father’s love for us,

How vast

Beyond all measure,”

And I cannot

Get my mind around it;

I have

No frame of reference.

My little-girl feet

Never danced

Atop daddy-toes.

His words,

Few and harsh,

Never said,

“You are loved,

You are special,

So smart

And so funny,


And their absence

Spoke volumes

About the worthiness

Of me.

Now I look

With greatfulness

At my own

Little girls,

And I know

That they know

Beyond a doubt

They are Daddy’s.

But the ugly part of me

Looks on, jealous,


That a lifetime of turning

To all the wrong men

Can never supplant

What was missing

From the one man

Who mattered


  • Joanna

    Beautiful poem Mari! Brought tears to my eyes. I’m glad that he has had a change of heart and can be there for you and your girls. Love you!

  • http://facebook gary

    Very nicely writtern. Sounded a little like me but that too changed a while back. Glad your dad is back in your life for you and the girls.

  • Anonymous


  • Jenny

    Woah. I could sign my name to that poem. Thank you for posting it. You are so good at putting words to the things that are hardest to express. Never fake, sometimes raw, always laced with grace. Thanks.

  • http://google Tara

    Love it!

  • Mom

    the “wow” was from me… didn’t realize it went in as “anonymous”. Pain and suffering…hope and redemption. Our earthly fathers are flawed, our heavenly Father is perfect… and can cure all our pain.

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  • http://baristabruce.wordpress.com brooskolin

    As a father, I am so moved and challenged by this. Wow!

  • Bekka

    I had a rough relationship with my own dad, and while my story doesn’t take as many turns as yours, it very well could have in another time. Thank you for this.

  • http://whoivealwaysbeen.blogspot.com Carolyn

    Ah… the angry, harsh Daddy… he is mine… I’m just glad that he doesn’t yell anymore… being loving and proud is rare… and did I mention he lives with us? My parents have lived with us all of our married life (all 4.5 years – Mom passed away in March)… so I see the master of my insecurity on a daily basis… any triumph I have over those negative feelings is strictly Divine. At 81 years old, I don’t expect him to change. I just want him to have some peace.

  • http://scream911.wordpress.com youhavemyword

    This makes me all the more grateful for the impact my own dad had in my life. An incredible portrayal of Father God he was to me. I wish I knew how to bridge that gap for others. Thanks for sharing.

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