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July 2011



This Means Church

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My pastor once said that choosing a church was a little like getting married: You don’t hop around from one to the next; You “date” the same one for a while, and then you commit. But how do you handle doubts about the one you chose?


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  • http://Www.myheartandyours7.blogspot.com bkimberli

    Going to read this!

  • http://christiannoob.wordpress.com The Christian Noob (n00b)

    Denominations don’t mean anything. They’re merely whether you sing and clap, sing and close your eyes, take communion every Sunday or once a month, baptize babies or adults and/or other secondary doctrines and/or rites. At the end of the day, we’re all Christians and children of the only God. Yes, it’s true about going to a church, feeling welcome and getting comfortable in it. That’s how you shop for a church.

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  • http://rasjacobson.com Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

    I read the whole piece on the other blog, but I’m commenting here. As you know, I am Jewish, but church and temple are similar in terms of what they are designed to do — the purpose, the mission.

    We recently had a very ugly situation at our temple that has left the congregation divided. What was once a wonderful place to go and feel connected to other people, now — not so much. So much suspicion and politics (which should be left outside the door) have seeped through the walls that hubby and I have been asking ourselves your question.

    I took note when one person commented something to the effect: “when the staying hurts more than the idea of leaving, then you’ll know.” That has a lot of resonance for me. I am holding it close and thinking carefully. These decisions have to be made carefully. Thank you for this timely and beautifully written piece.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.wordpress.com Tamara

      I love how open you are to allow my Christian-slanted posts touch you. So glad this one met you where you are.

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