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August 2011



We Remain, We Are Remembered

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The songwriter dreams desperately:

On the very day I die
The very last of my desires
Is that you take my broken body
And commit it to the fire

And then when the fire is finished
Scrape the ashes in a tin
Take them down to London’s drinking reservoirs
And throw them in

And then specks infinitesimal of my mortal remains
Will slide down seven million throats and into seven million veins
And I will creep through their capillaries to the marrow of their bones
And they will wake to bright new mornings and then wordlessly they’ll know

That I remain
I am remembered

To remain, to be remembered is a desire common among humanity; to cease to exist, to be forgotten, a common fear. It is why grand monuments and grimy bathrooms from ancient Pompeii to modern New York are etched with our names. We are compelled to make a mark, however crude and small, that says, “I was here” because the alternative, “I am no more,” is too terrible to bear.


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  • http://opentoadventure.wordpress.com Christian Emmett

    Frank Turner is brilliant. I find it very interesting that you’ve posted this today; it seems to reflect the past few weeks of my own life. Tres interessant.

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamara

      I get to see his show next month– I can’t wait! I’m glad these thoughts were timely for you. Hope all’s well.

  • http://reconcilingviewpoints.wordpress.com reconciling viewpoints

    The search for significance…. good post! This is definitely a human trait — wanting to leave our mark on the world.

    Back in the day (25 years ago?) when I was a high school math teacher, if I caught kids writing on the desk, I would give them a hard time about it. I’d tell them – “you’re just doing the same thing as a dog that hikes a leg up on a tree — trying to claim territory as yours.”

    That’s not exactly the point you were trying to make, but hey, I was trying to stop the kids from writing on the desk!
    Here’s to hoping our significance is longer lasting that graffiti on a desk or a mark on a tree. I don’t want to just be gone either…..

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamara

      Ha! I like that analogy– both just impermanent ways to try to leave a mark. So glad our real hope is everlasting.

      • http://reconcilingviewpoints.wordpress.com reconciling viewpoints


  • http://gravatar.com/katymckenna Katy McKenna

    Tamara, your words here really speak to me. I started blogging 12 years ago for this very reason. Not only to know, but to be known. To leave something behind, especially for those I love. Thank you….

    • http://tamaraoutloud.com/ Tamara

      To know and be known– yes.

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