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September 2015



Why This Lesbian Prays for Kim Davis’ Release from Jail

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Kim Davis is taking her stand in jail, marriage-equality supporters are reveling in the streets of Facebook, and marriage-inequality Christians are making rosaries of their clutched pearls.

And I’m paralyzed.

Last week I dismissed as obnoxious and needless Davis’ refusal to issue legal marriage licenses to couples she sincerely doesn’t believe should have the same civil rights she has so frequently availed herself of; I reckoned she had every right to resign from a job that clearly no longer suited her, and I wished her a speedy good riddance. But today I see that it’s all far more nefarious, and that’s why I’ve been sitting here scared.

I’m legitimately worried that Davis’ jailing will be the rallying cry that religious extremists in our country need to make life even more dangerous for LGTBQ people than it already is. Anti-LGBTQ hate crimes have been expected to increase in the wake of nation-wide marriage equality. The last thing we need is an angry mob who doesn’t just hate us, but is deluded to think that we are persecuting them—you always fight harder if you think you’re being attacked. You’ll even fight to the death.

As an optimist, I hope Davis has a change of heart toward her fellow citizens; as a realist, I hope she at least resigns. And as a woman about to marry another woman in this country, I hope that, for the love of God, one way or the other, Kim Davis will get out of jail before it’s too late for us all.


  • Julie

    It boggles my mind how some religious extremists view themselves as being persecuted. I see your point about how Davis’ jailing could be their rallying cry. Yikes.

  • Barbara Luehring

    If she resigns from her position because of her beliefs I could honor her–not because of her beliefs–but because she took action that reflected her realization that she could not fulfill the requirements of her job–but to be honored because she is saying that she has the right to demand that the law be changed to fit her particular interpretation of Christianity–is not admirable–it is supremely egotistical and not a reflection of the Christ that I have come to know and love.

  • http://allmydeamsarejellybeans.blogspot.co.uk/ Hannah Out Loud

    Hi Tamara

    You’re far more … loving (in a platonic sense) than I feel I am ,having been in a bit of a ranting mood and feeling “enough is enough” about the stuff being thrown back and backwards and forwards over the internet ….. but I think if anything you actually reflect Jesus with your compassionate Grace more to a non believer than this lady in Kentucky.

    So I’m asking, how does one reach an acceptable compromise?

  • Sarah H.

    I think your concerns are warranted. I cannot for the life of me understand why she does not quit her job, which she can no longer do. There are lots of jobs that Christians of various stripes might find unacceptable (from prostitution or drug dealing to simply something that consistently requires working on Sunday) and the thing is, we don’t apply for those jobs because they are inconsistent with something important about us. Given her particular convictions, this job is simply off-limits.

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