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March 2015



Win a Signed Copy of “What a Woman Is Worth” for International Women’s Day!

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International Women’s Day is this Sunday, March 8, and, as I usually do, I’m taking it personally—and I hope you will too. This year’s theme is “Make It Happen.” So, okay—let’s do it.

Last year, 30 brave women and I put out a book called What a Woman Is Worth. We shared our varied and most personal stories with one common goal: To affirm the inestimable worth of all women.

This year, as we near the one-year anniversary of its publication, I want to invite you to make it happen alongside us. If you’ve already bought the book, Thank you. Will you add your positive review to Amazon so more people will see it? Will you recommend it to a friend who could use some encouragement?

If you’ve never thought of buying it for yourself, will you buy it for someone else who needs to know you see her? Will you request your library order a copy (at no charge to you!) so that girls and women in your community can have a chance to get these pages of “you are not alone” into their hands?


Thirty women and I opened our hearts and stories so that girls and women the world over would know—whoever they are, whatever their circumstances—they are full of value. But my resources have only carried the message so far as my small circle of influence reaches. We need you—every one of you who believes in the equal and unshakable worth of all humans—to make it happen. Please, buy a copy, share your copy, or just pass along the word.

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’m giving away a signed copy of What a Woman Is Worth!

To enter to win, leave a comment on this post between now and 11:59pm EST Sunday sharing what you or someone you admire is doing to improve the lives of women around the world. I’ll announce the winner on Monday!

Let’s make it happen. xo

  • http://1t412.wordpress.com/ Christina

    My mom is both a special needs mom and now a teaching assistant for other special needs kids. She goes above and beyond spring these children and their mothers who often feel overwhelmed ( we live in a small area, not a lot of resources)

    • TamaraOutLoud

      That is a special calling, isn’t it? How awesome that your mom answers it the way she does.

  • Helen Allan

    I am raising my sons to value and be respectful of women.

    • TamaraOutLoud

      That is SO, so important. Awesome job, mama.

  • Veronica

    My wife Sheena was raised by a neglectful mother, and was addicted to drugs by the age of 11. She was in and out of trouble through her teen years. When she was 17, she got pregnant. At that tender age, she knew she wanted a better life for her baby, so she quit drugs and enrolled in college. When she wasn’t working or studying for school, Sheena was reading parenting books. She was hell bent on being the best mother she could be without ever having a good example. She worked multiple jobs while pregnant, and graduated college with a brand new baby girl. She did all of this on her own.

    I met her and fell in love with her; who wouldn’t? I was the luckiest woman in the world because she fell in love with me too. We have been a family for 5 years this week.

    Sheena has built up a successful business and is the sole provider for our family. She is an incredible woman and most of all, Sheena is the best example to our ten year old daughter. To me, she is the perfect example of what a woman is worth.

    • TamaraOutLoud

      Wow…I have chills. (And maybe a prickling of tears!) Congratulations on your anniversary!

      • Veronica

        Thank you, Tamara! Congratulations on your engagement! Oh, I also forgot to add that we are 10 days away from closing on our first home. Yay!

  • Kristy Leanne Brown

    I am currently doing my CBT therapist training so that I can help other suffers of childhood abuse and DV after discovering that I have PTSD with disassociation due to my past. I have worked hard to keep my family safe and stable throughout my own illness as we are a tight forces family and now that I have worked through 30 years of heartache I am ready to throw myself at the world, raise awareness of the causes of PTSD (it’s not just soldiers who get it), and give my help and understanding non judgmentally to those that need me.

    • TamaraOutLoud

      What an amazing gift of strength you’re passing along to others, Kristy. Wow.

      • Kristy Leanne Brown

        Thank you. x

  • Catherine Gregory

    I volunteer for the BHF so I hope I’m helpng in a small way to change the lives of many women

    • TamaraOutLoud

      Wonderful, Catherine! Is that the British Heart Foundation?

      • Catherine Gregory

        It is yes 🙂 Very close to my heart x

  • Abby Norman

    My mom teaches community college. She does the remedial writing classes and teaches women who had babies in high school, became the matriarch of the family at 18, or just straight had to get a job the basic skills to get their degree.

    • TamaraOutLoud

      I love that she’s empowering these young women through education!

  • Terri Wilson

    I hope I am commenting in the right place for the chance to win your boo

    • TamaraOutLoud

      Terri, those are such important lessons for young women to learn– way to go, mama!

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