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December 2010



You Are Not Alone

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I’ve only just begun it, but I can already tell you: Writing about depression is hard. Writing about my faltering faith, my personality defects, my physical flaws, my parenting struggles– that’s easy. That’s stuff everyone goes through; I know I’m not alone. But Depression is a sinister demon, and it’s a damn good liar, and it loves to whisper, “You’re all alone.”

I am thrilled to be guest posting at Big Mama’s Blog today as a part of her “Not Alone” Series. Please CLICK HERE to read the rest of my story!

  • http://www.bigmama247.com Alise

    Thank you so much for writing this Tamara. It’s a great addition to the series!

  • Mom

    Profoundly eloquent post. I have shared it with MANY people, as I believe this can help them to know there is someone out there that DOES understand the pain and despair of depression. Thank you! You are my brave girl.

  • Raine

    Thank you. And YOU are not alone, either. I know there’s no real comfort in those words, and at its deepest, depression makes you doubt that anyone else has ever felt the way your feeling. And all you can do is just keep reciting those words, “I am not alone,” until the demon decides to take a vacation for a while. You know he’ll probably come back, and you vow to be prepared for him next time, but it never quite works out the way you think it will, and he always manages to sneak up on you when you’re defenseless. Hold fast to your friends and your family, and know that they are always there for you even when (especially when!) it doesn’t feel like it.

  • http://wildmikebennett.wordpress.com M!ke

    Amen. The worst is the “helpful” phrases and verses that people blithely toss around, as you point out. And I agree that truth is the best way to combat it. I’ve found verses like Ephesians 4:15 to be much more helpful than verses like Matthew 11:28 simply because they don’t depend on your actions or your inclinations or anything; they just express truth, like you did here. Thanks for writing.

  • sandra

    it is a comfort when other believers suffer from this. i have had horrible depression for 10 years. It comes for a month, then leaves, then comes back. It feels like I sit in darkness, and God has turned his face away from me forever. It usually centers around thoughts that God has not elected me and or that I have committed the unforgivable sin. weird, huh? people at home and work ask why i seem a little “off” that day, but little do they know i have slipped into the seventh circle of hell in my mind.

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